Pickleball vs. Paddle Tennis vs. Padel

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The main difference between pickleball and paddle tennis is the variation of balls. The small balls of plastic that resemble Wiffle balls are used in pickleball, whereas balls of paddle tennis are rubber balls slightly similar to ping pong.

These plays are interrelated as both are paddle sports, but they are different from each other.

Let’s learn more about it.

Pickleball vs Paddle Tennis

What is Paddle Tennis?

Have you heard about Pop tennis?

It’s a contemporary name of paddle tennis announced in 2015.

Paddle, pickleball and paddle tennis seems similar in many ways, but they all have their own place in the World of games. Paddle tennis is just a spin-off of tennis.

At first blush, pickleball and paddle tennis use balls and paddles and consider paddle sports.

Then what makes the difference?

Let’s jump right into it.

The manufacturing and pattern make both paddles and balls different for each game. You cannot play paddle tennis with a ball and paddle of pickleball and vice versa.

Paddle Tennis

Paddle Tennis Court Dimensions

Courts for paddle tennis are built with similar materials to tennis courts and can be constructed on beach sand of hardcore.

The area of the court, measured from baseline to baseline, stretches over 50 feet/15.24m, whereas its measurement from sideline to sideline is 20 feet / 6.09m.

When we draw a service line, we will draw a 03 feet line in (at both the ends) from the baseline(s). The net should be at 02 feet 07 inches (31 inches). A restraint line should draw at a distance of 12 feet opposite the net on both sides.

Paddle Tennis Court

Paddle Tennis Racket vs. Pickleball Paddle

Unlike pickleball paddles, the Paddleball paddle has some perforating holes designed for air friction.

The pickleball paddles made up of wood, graphite or composite material don’t contain any holes or perforations.

Paddle Tennis Racket vs Pickleball Paddle

Balls of Pickleball vs. Paddleball

Do you know the balls make the primary difference?

They are different; pickleball balls have perforations with plastic composition, whereas paddleball balls have a rubber composition with no holes in them.

Pickleball Balls vs. Paddle Tennis Balls

Rules of Pickleball vs. Paddleball

In pickleball, the points go to 11, and the winning team has to win by 2 points, whereas in paddleball winning team has to score 15 points.

Is Pickleball the Same as Paddle Tennis?

It’s very perplexing because the play equipment is identical but designed differently.

Both the games are paddle sport but not the same. Although they have the same progenitor, they are different in many ways.

Let’s make it easy for you, and we will differentiate these games.

Before understanding the difference, remember paddleball is also known as paddle tennis or Pop tennis.

Platform Tennis vs. Pickleball

What is platform tennis now, and why is it called so?

I can guess what a bewildering situation it is!

Unfortunately, platform tennis, padel, paddle tennis, or Pop Tennis always confuse you because of their similar names and origins.

To get this clear, I struggled a lot.

You know there is a lot of mess on social sites about it; someone is saying they are the same. These games are identical.

Now, let’s get down to the business; we have to differentiate the two paddle sports, platform tennis and Pickleball.

These games are different from each other in scoring, ruling, playing zones and types of equipment.

Pickleball vs. Paddle Ball Playing Zone

Platform tennis/paddle tennis requires fencing around the platform, while Pickleball doesn’t need any wall or fence.

The playing zone of platform tennis extends up to 4 feet more than the pickleball court.

Equipment of Platform Tennis v/s Pickleball

The platform tennis plays with a spongy softball while pickleball plays with a plastic ball with perforated holes.

Paddles of pickleball do not possess a bottle opener in the handle, while platform paddles do.

Outdoor vs. indoor

Pickleball plays outside and inside both, whereas you can only play platform tennis outside.

Scoring System of Pickleball & Platform Tennis

The platform tennis is somewhat similar to regular tennis, whereas the pickleball scoring system is vastly different. 

Way of Serving in Pickleball & Platform Tennis

You get the opportunity to play underhand serve in pickleball and overhand serve in platform tennis.

There are two chances of serving in pickleball while playing doubles. Otherwise, in platform tennis, you get only a single chance.

Difference between Padel/ Paddle Tennis and Platform Tennis

Padel, sometimes called a paddle, is another type of paddle sport that is popular worldwide.


Padel, Paddle tennis and platform tennis often confuse you because many people playing paddle tennis say, we are playing platform tennis.

These games are often misconceived. The point to remember is that Paddle tennis is also known as paddleball/ pop tennis.

I will explain you by tabulating in an easy way to make it clear.

Padel (or Paddle)Paddle TennisPlatform tennis
Origin of the gameIntroduced in Mexico, in 1969 by Enrique CorcueraIntroduced in New York, in 1915 by Episcopal minister, Frank Peer BealIntroduced in New York, in 1928.
PopularityPadel has global popularity. Mostly play in Spain and Latin America.It plays in Southern California, Florida and New York.It’s mostly popular in New York, New Jersey and Chicago
Indoor v/s outdoorOutdoor and Indoor both.Outdoor and IndoorOnly Outdoor
Serving stylesUnderhand serving.    Underhand Serving 1/3 of the size of Tennis CourtOverhead serving    
Dimensions of Court1/2 of the size of Tennis court.Only hundreds of courts are available1/3 of tennis court.
Number of Playing Zones WorldwideThere are more than ten thousands playing courts for Padel.More than 25k players play Paddle TennisOnly hundreds.    
Number of Players WorldwideMore than 10 million players play padel.Thin paddle uses in paddle tennis.More than 10k players play platform tennis.
Equipment used Balls
Paddle used in this paddle sports are thick. The balls are low pressure tennis ballsA rubber ball use to play paddle tennis.The paddle is thinner and the ball is soft spongy

What is Padel?

Padel is nothing complicated. Rather it is a simple game ranging between tennis and squash. It is usually played in an enclosed court surrounded by walls of glass and weld mash.

However, it is about 10 cm wide and 20 cm long, about one-third of the overall size of the tennis court. Besides the dimensions and construction material, in the padle, the ball can hit any wall, but before returning, it should strike the glass surface once.

Final Thoughts: Pickleball vs. Paddle Tennis vs. Padel

Pickleball and paddle tennis are relatively different games but have the same progenitor. These games are interrelated to each other as both are paddle sports, but when you play you will recognize the differences.

To sports players, both games are equally interesting and worth playing. All in all, it’s just up to your interest, some likes pickleball, and other paddle tennis.

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