How Many Pickleball Courts Fit On A Tennis Court?

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Trying to transition or convert a tennis court into a pickleball court is pretty easy to do since tennis courts are massive in comparison to pickleball courts. There is so much space to work with. 

It is actually possible for you to fit many pickleball courts into a single tennis court, but if you are wondering just how many pickleball courts you could fit on a tennis court, we have your answers. 

How Many Pickleball Courts Fit On A Tennis Court

You could probably fit as many as four pickleball courts into a single tennis court. Since pickleball courts are 20 ft wide and 44 ft long, while tennis courts are 36 ft wide and 78 ft long, it would be possible. 

You would put two pickleball courts side by side on either side of a tennis court, which would result in four whole courts! 

Quite incredible, isn’t it? Well, read on to find out more about how you would do this.

How Many Pickleball Courts Could You Fit Onto A Single Tennis Court?

You could probably fit around four pickleball courts onto a typical tennis court. Although, there are still benefits to using each type of pickleball layout, even if you only had one or two pickleball courts per tennis court. 

The right decision on this depends on multiple factors, depending on your equipment, needs, and whether the court has edges which are angles. 

1 Pickleball Court To 1 Tennis Court

The simplest and easiest way to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court would be to use the same net, lower it down to a couple of inches, and lay out the pickleball court lines on top. 

You could just add another set of lines, and then you can use the court for tennis or for pickleball without having to make any major adjustments. 

2 Pickleball Courts To 1 Tennis Court

If you needed to fit a pair of pickleball courts onto a tennis court you could do this by stacking two pickleball courts together, lengthways on each side of the tennis net. 

This setup would require you to have two pickleball nets which are portable on each side of the tennis court, however.

For this, the tennis net would act as a backdrop to prevent the pickleball from exiting the area of play and interrupting the other game. This would require two pickleball nets.

4 Pickleball Courts To 1 Tennis Court

The final way would be to have four pickleball courts per tennis court. This would be the maximum and most space efficient. You can fit 4 total pickleball courts into a single tennis court if you line up two pickleball courts on either side of the tennis court net. 

Much like the set-up with two courts, you can also use the tennis net as a backdrop to divide the courts and prevent one game from getting in the way of another. You would still need to provide your own pickleball nets, however.

Sadly, having four pickleball courts in one tennis court does make the space very crowded, and it can make lines very confusing. Single lines and doubles lines on tennis courts can make the out-of-bounds zones in pickleball less clear. 

If out-of-bounds are unclear then the game will suffer.

So, while you can fit 4 pickleball courts onto one tennis court it is not a very practical option unless you are totally converting the space.

Pickleball Court Size Relative To Tennis Court Size

Pickleball Court Size Relative To Tennis Court Size

Pickleball courts are much smaller than tennis courts for singles, so it is very easy to fit many pickleball courts into the space for one tennis court.

Let’s look at the actual sizes for each! 

Pickleball Court Size

Pickleball courts are 20 ft wide and 44 ft in length. Each service area is 10 ft across, and if you were to measure each court from corner to corner then it would measure 44 ft. 

The net in the court’s center is 36 inches tall at the sides and 2 inches less in the middle. 

The smallest area is the non-volley zone, or kitchen, which is only 7 feet across.

Tennis Court Size

Regulation tennis courts measure 36 ft in width, and 78 ft in length. The service areas are 13.5 ft wide and 21 ft long, and then the area beyond the line, otherwise known as ‘no man’s land’ is always 18 ft in length and 27 ft across. 

Double alleys measure at 39 ft long and 4.5 ft in width.

Comparing The Two Courts

Pickleball courts are half as wide as singles game tennis courts, and if were to be laid down directly over a tennis court would extend past the service line and into ‘no man’s land’ by around 2ft. 

This means that it is actually really easy to fit multiple pickleball courts into this space.

Setting Up A Pickleball Court On A Tennis Court

If you want to put a pickleball court on a tennis court then you need to remember a few things. 

  • Pickleball courts should face north to south so that the sun is never blinding a player. You should never set the courts up perpendicular to the tennis courts. 
  • Ensure the surface has been cleaned before you add paint or chalk.
  • Consider the use of tennis net adjusters for better adaptation.
  • Use a different color for pickleball lines from tennis lines to avoid any confusion.


A tennis court can fit 4 pickleball courts inside it, however, if you are converting the tennis court so that it can be used for both types of games, perhaps 4 courts is too many, as it could get very confusing.

In our opinion, the optimum number is 2, if you are altering the court into a multipurpose space. However, if you are just curious about the massive size difference, then know you could fit 4 whole pickleball courts inside a tennis court! 

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