Graphite Vs Fiberglass Pickleball Paddles – Which is Best?

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The main difference between graphite and fiberglass paddles is graphite paddles tenders less flexibility and weight than fiberglass pickleball paddles.

Paddles are differentiated based on their core material, weight, control, life span, costs, and many other factors like the personal choice of the player. Graphite and fiberglass paddles have unique and distinctive features, so the person choice also matters to choose one paddle.

Players should choose the paddle of their own choice and comfort.  Some are strong to hold heavy paddles, while others are comfortable with light.  A thorough discussion on the differences among these paddles will help you to choose the best one for yourself.

Read ahead to know the substantial variations among these paddles.

Difference Between Graphite and Fiberglass Pickleball Paddles

The pickleball paddles are different on the basis of surface and core material. Based on the surface, fiberglass and graphite are the most dominant types because of their certain features.

The graphite paddles are lighter, durable but more expensive than fiberglass. We will find fiberglass with more spinning ability and flexibility than graphite.

Let’s explore both of the paddles separately and comparatively both.

To make your selection fluent, we have given complete instructions about both of these paddles. Moreover, we have also talked about dominancy based on player choice.

Graphite vs fiberglass pickleball paddles

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

The graphite paddles are lightweight, easier to control and highly reliable pickleball paddles that contain carbon fibers or titanium.

These paddles offer the best control indeed but are expensive to some extent.

Other than the various materials of the paddle, the other category to consider is core material.

The graphite paddles do not contain graphite cores. These paddles are made up of different types of cores i.e., polymer, rigid nylon, aluminum and Nomex honeycomb cores.

In addition, the paddle with honeycomb cores offers ideal balance, strength, stiffness and reliability.

Graphite Paddle Cores and other specifications

Graphite Pickleball paddles are the choice of professionals due to best control over the ball as well as lighter weight.

These paddles are best for intermediate level players too, as heavyweight paddle enables less control.

Fiberglass Pickleball Paddles

The Fiberglass pickleball paddles are more flexible, affordable and enduring type of pickleball paddle. This type of paddle is gaining popularity among the players because of its economic rates and persisting ability.

These paddles feature a combination of core materials, that make them unique.

Fiberglass pickleball paddles fit USAPA guidelines as they provide more spin, pop, and power over other paddles.

Due to budgetary factors, everyone from beginner to professional can buy fiberglass paddles easily.

Manufacturing of Fiberglass vs Graphite Pickleball Paddles

In fiberglass pickleball paddles, tiny glass fibers are pushed together by applying heat and pressure. After this, these fibers are drenched in resin that makes them hard but less than graphite paddles.

These paddles are formed by a combination of carbon strands that make them incredibly reliable.

Graphite paddles are more brittle than fiberglass and lighter in weight.

Other Material based Pickleball Paddles

Other than graphite and fiberglass, two more types of paddles Wood and Composite. These paddles do not meet the unique features like graphite and fiberglass, so they are not popular and have some weak points.

Let’s talk about them.

Wood Paddles

Wood paddles are the heaviest paddle among all paddle types. Heavy paddles result in injuries and fatigue.

Some players prefer these, just for the sake of cheap rates. Their heavyweight offers no spin, less control and negligible flexibility.

Composite Paddles

As compared to wood, composite paddles are good to use. These paddles contain composite materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass.

You can also read our detailed guide on Graphite vs Composite Pickleball Paddles.

Composite paddles are low in weight than wooden paddles. Most of the trainers recommend these paddles at the beginning because they are better than wood.

Comparison between Graphite and Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

Let’s discuss the discrepancies between graphite and fiberglass pickleball paddles. It will let you choose a better one for yourself.


The graphite pickleball paddles are lighter in weight as compared to fiberglass paddles. Graphite paddles weigh about 0.4 lb. (7.5 ounces), while the fiberglass paddles weigh approximately 0.5 (08 ounces).


Fiberglass pickleball paddles have more flexibility as these paddles can unify the power or energy of the ball on the paddle core.

With said factor, fiberglass paddles have more Pop too.

Power vs Control

The fiberglass pickleball paddles have more power and less control as compared to graphite, as they weigh slightly more.

The graphite paddles have more finesse and control as these paddles are strong and lightweight.


Graphite paddles are a little more expensive than fiberglass paddles. The demand and preference by the professionals make graphite paddles cost-effective.

Fiberglass also exhibits unique features but is still available in the range of 50 dollars, while graphite starts from 65 dollars.

Graphite vs Fiberglass Durability

As the graphite paddles are more brittle and lightweight, so they are more durable than fiberglass. The other factor like core material, edge guard, handle also affects the reliability.

Moreover, how much a player use also matters a lot.

Spinning Ability

Fiberglass having a textured surface offers more spinning than graphite paddles.

The graphite paddles do not exhibit textured surfaces, these paddles do not offer to spin.

This is the variable factor that makes the fiberglass paddles popular.

Players Choice Between Graphite vs Fiberglass Paddles

Which is better graphite or fiberglass pickleball paddle?

When it comes to players’ choices, they prefer graphite over fiberglass.

Graphite is selected because of its durability and brittleness, while fiberglass is chosen because of flexibility, spinning and affordability.

Fiberglass is earning popularity among players because of its less prices.

Moreover, players’ choice depends on many aspects like hand grip, style of playing, strength to hold different weights and how much they have to use paddles.

The players who play pickleball more, have to consider durability factors, and it is more in graphite. That’s why graphite has gained incredible popularity as compared to fiberglass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is graphite or fiberglass better for pickleball?

The graphite paddle with thick polycore is good if you want good control. However, you can use a fiberglass paddle with a thin polycore if you want ample power.

Which is better: Graphite or Fiberglass?

It entirely depends upon your requirements. But generally, graphite paddle is preferred because, being light in weight, it provides ample control and power of a heavier paddle.

Final Thoughts on Graphite Paddles vs Fiberglass Pickleball Paddles

Graphite and fiberglass pickleball paddles are different in many aspects but still, they are equally well renowned because of their unique features. Selection is up to your choice.

Players choose paddle by focusing on grip size, weight, and quality of material under consideration. The difference between these paddles based on their weight, power, control, flexibility, durability and expense will let you find accurate paddles for yourself.

According to the above-said words, I consider graphite paddles are best. If we neglect the factor of high cost and look at its lighter weight and control, we will prefer these paddles.

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