How Big Is A Pickleball Court?

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Similar to many team sports, you need to play on a court when you want to enjoy a good pickleball match.

But what size pickleball court do you need? While pickleball courts look similar to tennis courts, they are the same size as doubles badminton courts.

How Big Is A Pickleball Court?

In this guide, we take a look at the dimensions of a pickleball court and how it compares to a badminton and tennis court.

How Big Is A Pickleball Court?

A pickleball court is 13.41m (44ft) long and 6.10m (20ft) wide. This is the full playing area of a pickleball court.

The non-volley zone, also called the kitchen, of a pickleball court is 6.10m (20ft) wide and 2.13m (7ft) long.

The two service areas on the left and right of the court are 4.57m (15ft) long and 3.05m (10ft) wide.

What Is The Smallest Pickleball Court Size?

While there is only one standard size for pickleball courts, it is possible to play pickleball also on other temporary courts, such as a tennis court.

If you have only a tennis court available, then you can fit up to four pickleball courts into one tennis court.

This means that a pickleball court is one-fourth the size of a standard tennis court area.

If you only have space within the tennis court lines available, then you can fit maximum two pickleball courts.

On the other hand, if there is some room outside of the lines, then you can comfortably fit up to four pickleball courts.

For temporary pickleball courts, you can put up a pickleball net next to the tennis net as they are similar sizes.

What Is The Height Of A Pickleball Net?

The pickleball rules say that a pickleball net should be 86.36cm (34”) high at the center and 91.44cm (36”) high at the sidelines.

This is slightly lower than a tennis net. However, you can use both nets on a temporary pickleball court.

Is A Pickleball Court The Same Size As A Badminton Court?

Is A Pickleball Court The Same Size As A Badminton Court?

Yes, a pickleball court is the same size as a doubles badminton court which is 13.41m (44ft) long and 6.10m (20ft) wide.

These court dimensions make a doubles badminton court ideal for playing pickleball.

This being said, a singles badminton court is slightly narrower than a traditional pickleball court. It is only 5.18m (17ft) wide.

If you want to use a badminton court for your pickleball match, then keep in mind that the line markings are different on this court area.

On a badminton court, the front service line is 6.5ft away from the net, while the kitchen is 7ft from the net on a standard pickleball court.

Although this is just a small difference, it can have a big impact on winning or losing a game, especially in the non-volley zone.

What’s The Difference Between A Tennis Court And A Pickleball Court?

A standard tennis court is much bigger than a pickleball court. Plus, they also have different line markings.

A tennis court is 78ft long and 36ft wide. In comparison, a pickleball court is 44ft long and 20ft wide.

This makes traditional tennis courts 77% longer and 80% wider than the pickleball court area.

Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

Yes, it is possible to play pickleball on a standard tennis court if you have the right equipment available.

As a tennis court is much bigger than a pickleball court, you will need to set up a temporary pickleball court.

This means that you need a temporary, free-standing net and line marking equipment to lay out your pickleball outer and inner markings.

Make sure that you align your pickleball court in a North-South direction as this prevents any issues with players being blinded by the sun.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Pickleball Court?

USA Pickleball recommends an area of at least 34ft by 64ft for a pickleball court. While the playing area is only 30ft by 60ft, you still need a few feet around the court to move around.

How much space you need overall for your pickleball courts depends on how many courts you want to set up.

For a standalone pickleball court, 34ft by 64ft is enough. If you want to add more than one pickleball court, then just multiply these figures by the number of courts you want to install.

The Layout Of A Pickleball Court

A pickleball court has a basic layout that is divided into a left and right service area and a non-volley zone.

The no volley zone, also known as the kitchen, is on either side of the name. In this area, a player is not allowed to hit the ball without it bouncing on the ground first.

Each area is clearly marked with a white line. You can find a baseline between the service areas and the non-volley zone.

Players need to serve behind the baseline first and they can then play in the service area once the ball has been returned.

Pickleball Court Surfaces

Although the official pickleball rules set out strict guidelines for the size of a pickleball court, you can play pickleball on various surfaces.

Some popular pickleball surfaces include Astroturf, asphalt, concrete, wood, grass or clay.

The surface depends on the type of pickleball court you are playing on. Indoor pickleball courts usually use a polyurethane sport surface that’s durable and ideal for indoor play.

On the other hand, outdoor pickleball courts often use a variety of surfaces, including grass and concrete.

If you want to build your own pickleball court at home but you don’t want it to be permanent, then you can use pickleball modular court tiles.

Final Thoughts

While standard pickleball courts are much smaller than tennis courts, they have exactly the same size as a double badminton court. 

This means that you can also use a pickleball court for playing badminton. Just keep in mind that the markings vary slightly but the outer lines are the same.

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