What to Wear to Play Pickleball?

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As pickleball players, we are oblivious about what to wear for better performance but also conscious about a professional and handsome look on the ground. In this article, we will answer all your queries about what to wear to play Pickleball.

You will also find a clear gender-wise distinction in this regard. It is pertinent to mention that a perfect attire according to a particular situation also make your comfort zone more soothing and tranquil.

What to wear to play pickleball

What to Look for in Pickleball Clothing (Pickleball Outfits)

Selecting a comfortable and best Pickleball attire is totally up to you, but I will tell you some aspects that should be kept in mind. Details are as follow:

Weather Conditions

Impact of weather on any sports matters a lot. Therefore, a player should keep the weather condition in mind and wear clothing accordingly for pickleball on the court.

In addition, cities of different countries have had different weather seasons, that is why our Pickleball attire should be well linked with them.

If you will play a game in a cold environment and wear summer dresses, your body will not perfectly warm up.

Conversely, if you wear winter attire in the summer season, you will face over-sweating, and your body will be exhausted soon. These issues will cause a loss in the sport.

Pickleball has a lot to do with the weather. It is obvious because you can play pickleball both indoors and outdoors. So, whatever type of play, you must choose pickleball clothing according to the weather.

Generally, for playing outside in the sun, please wear clothes that can better protect you from it. Whereas for an evening play, take some convenient warm clothes that you can wear easily.

If you play in warm weather, I suggest some wicking apparel. Suggesting these clothes to avoid any inconvenience due to sweaty clothes.

However, for playing in cold weather, you must prefer warm clothes or something according to your area’s weather.

Dress Color

No color restriction for pickleball clothing. As a pickleball player, I would like to suggest that you should prefer those colors which fit weather conditions.

Pickleball requires you to wear something comfy for your feasibility. Thus, it does not restrict you regarding the charming colours. The colours provoke happy moments and help you stand out among the crowd.

Furthermore, you should avoid those colors which resemble pickleball balls or court ground (colours).

The reason behind this suggestion is to shun confusion for your opponent. If your opponent is wearing such colors you should humbly request him for changing his attire, otherwise, you will face difficulty while defending shots.

Consequently, color is the second helpful factor when selecting pickleball clothes. 

Prefer Your Comfy Apparel

Comfortability is considered one of the main aspects for a pickleball player that should not be ignored.

Let me make a wild guess that you know how much good role a comfortable dress can play in all types of sports.

Accordingly, for pickleball, you have to choose something relaxing which enables you to move freely without any hindrance.

The above-mentioned two aspects could be compromised but if you neglect this point you may face injury or likewise issues.

You are well aware that this game demands quick body movement and some short sprints; therefore, you should prefer comfortable and stretchable clothing for pickleball. Further, you should view your comfort zone while selecting shoes

For instance, if you like a dress so much that you choose it for pickleball. But later on, repent because you can’t take instant action. Then what is the profit of wearing it?

Obviously, none! That is why your comfort is the first thing you should remember while choosing a pickleball cloth.

What to Wear for Pickleball (Suitable Attire)

It is a well-renowned phenomenon that females and males wear different clothes in most of the events, sports, cultures and professions. In the same way, they select to wear outfits differently in pickleball.

Following are details about what to wear for pickleball by men and women in a play:

Women’s Pickleball Clothes

It’s a common question, and you know that ladies are more conscious of their dressing and good looks.

For going anywhere, the first question of ladies will be, what I should wear?

As the sports outfit is a crucial topic to discuss, as a comfort zone, protection from surroundings and easiness matters a lot.

After researching a lot, we brought complete guidelines about Pickleball women’s clothing.

Upper-Body Dresses for Females

As we said above, dressing depends on several aspects, among them the weather is the dominant one.

What should we wear depends on what the climate is, females can either wear Tops, T-shirts, tank tops or tops with long sleeves, half-sleeves or sleeveless depending on the weather and their comfort as well.

Choose the outfits that dry rapidly, as you can get sweaty during the pickleball. Don’t let your pickleball outfits become the reason for the failure of a game.

Bottoms Clothing for Females

For the lower half, females can wear leggings, tights, shorts or skirts as per their choice and comfort.

Choose the one in which you can move easily. The discomfort of your dress code will affect you by making confusion.

Bras for Women

As there are many lateral movements in playing pickleball, choosing comfortable bras will help you to add better to the play. There are specifically designed bras for sports that have removable pads.

Men’s Pickleball Clothes

It is an understood fact that Pickleball outfit for ladies and men’s is different in pickleball too.  

Here, we will tell you about men’s dress code in a comprehensive way:

T-shirts for Pickleball

Wearing full sleeves, half sleeves or sleeveless t-shirts is the personal choice. Depending on your comfort, choose the outfit in which you can perform in a better way.

The athletic outfits are not necessary to wear unless there is management restriction by school clubs or other tournament plays.

Otherwise, a loose outfit will improve your comfort and performance level.

Bottoms for Pickleball

You can either wear sweat pants or shorts depending upon weather and comfort. Shorts are probably the best choice as it doesn’t restrict movement in any way.

Accessories for Pickleball Players

After a comprehensive discussion on the entire outfit, now we will discuss some accessories that are somehow necessary to consider for sports.


For the protection of eyes from the sun, hats/visors are the best things to wear. Pickleball players playing outdoor pickleball should take care of it.

They should buy a cap or hat of their sizes otherwise adjustment issues will let them confused.

Sweat Bands

Sweatband, using this incredibly significant equipment will save your time and sweat does not drip down from your eyes.


In playing physical sports, there is a greater risk of injuries. Eyes are a precious blessing without them life would be colorless.

The players should protect their eyes by using goggles or sunglasses while playing. There are special types of glasses made for sports players that are scratch-resistant.

A Bag to Carry Necessities

Keeping your all accessories in one bag will help you to prepare yourself quickly for the play. Finding the equipment like paddles, balls, eyewear etc., will create a mess at the last moments before the play.

Shoes For Playing Pickleball

For shoes, it is recommended to use tennis shoes or athletic shoes instead of sneakers. Shoe selection also depends upon where you are playing, either indoors or outdoors. If you are going to play indoors, then court shoes will be the best choice for you.

Final Thoughts on What to Wear to Play Pickleball

The question “what should I wear to play Pickleball?” is answered here. There are no hard and fast rules for pickleball attires selection (for both i.e., males and females). The most preferable aspect a player should know is to keep in mind the comfortability and suitability of sports outfits and shoes.

A player should not compromise on comfortability as it is a game that demands certain and quick movement. The selection of an uncomfortable kit may cause injury or other related issues. Try to avoid those colors that have resemblance with pickleball ball and court grounds colors as they can confuse players. Additionally, weather conditions also play an important role in the selection of clothing.

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