Pickleball Double Bounce Rule (Two Bounce) Explained

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Is it true that double bounce rules concoct more rallies and it targets to extend the game? If you want to know that what is the double bounce rule in Pickleball, its purpose, and tips to achieve it, you are at the right place.

It is one of the important rules that consider a mandatory part of the game. The name itself explains a little bit about the rule which means two bounces.

It’s not too hard to learn but may confuse beginners sometimes. Don’t worry, I will explain this rule in a comprehensive way to make you better understand two bounces (each bounce) at separate ends (like 1+1=2). In this articles, I am going to explain the double bounce rule in Pickleball.

Pickleball Double Bounce Rule

What is the Double Bounce Rule in Pickleball?

This rule states that the ball should bounce first before hitting both in serve and return of the serve.

This explanation tells that after serving the ball, the receiving team should allow the ball to hit the ground once into their court and return the ball to the serving team.

Later, it’s mandatory for the serving team to bounce the ball once into their court. When both receiving and the serving teams let the ball bounce, they are now free to hit as they want to.

The double bounce rule in Pickleball aimed to balance the competition level and eliminate the biased benefit to the serving team.

If the players forget the rule the team will lose a point. This rule is set for some specific purpose.

To broaden your knowledge, I should say that the inventor of this rule is still anonymous. Many pieces of research are made but still it’s not clear who introduced the double bounce rule.

What is the Purpose of the Two Bounce Rule in Pickleball? 

Here, I will tell you its significance. The double Bounce Rule intents to make a play a little bit longer.

If there is no double bounce rule the game will be ended in a glimpse of an eye and receiving team would get the benefit.

The pickleball game is about 2-3 shots without the two-bounce rule. The players will not enjoy the play which ends in this short time.

The longer rallies make the game interesting and amusing for the players. As you know, the pickleball is for everyone and specifically for older, so it should a little longer than two to three shots for making them mentally relax.

Pickleball Game Play

Are the terms “Double Bounce Rule” and “Two Bounce Rules” Different?

The terms “Double Bounce Rule” and “Two bounce Rules” are not different. Both the terms refer to the same rule i.e., the ball must bounce in the first two shots that is serve and return of the serve.

Before 2018, this rule was known as the “Two Bounce Rule”. This rule was renamed in the Official Book of Pickleball introduced in 2018.

In my opinion, the reason for alternating the name is a misconception related to the number of bounces.

The players misconceived that the ball should bounce two times before hitting. But the rule says the first 2 shots in pickleball have to bounce from both the receiving and serving sides.

Rather than this, the officials make alterations in the rule book to update it.

Does the Double Bounce Rule Mean Bounce Two Times?

As I said above, players still seem bewildered about whether this rule means two bounces or one bounce.

I will clear it, double just means that both the serves and returns of the serves. It doesn’t mean to bounce the ball two times before hitting, you have to bounce it once only.

Now, if the ball bounces twice what will happen?

Let me explain this by example, if you and your friend (opponent) playing the game and your friend strike a great shot and you let the ball bounce twice because of a difficult approach, your friend will win this point.

How Does This Rule Alleviate the Unjust Advantage to the Serving Team?

The 2 bounce rule in Pickleball forces the serving team to bounce the return of serves first before striking which keeps the team away from approaching the net so early.

Because of this rule, the serving team’s time consumption enhances and cannot even think to reach the non-volley zone quickly.

As you know, you can win or lose most of the points at the non-volley zone, so returning team gets a slight benefit by reaching the kitchen line first.

In pickleball, the serving team is the only one that earns the points, but after this rule, it’s not possible to earn the points easily.

The serving team has to work hard to win the game. I must say that this rule makes the game more interesting and competitive for the players.

Double Bounce Rule Designation

Often, players consider this rule only a part of pickleball and associate this with pickleball. This point needs clarity here, and I want to add that Double Bounce Rule is not only constituted for pickleball but also established for other games like table tennis, tennis, etc.

Final Thoughts On Pickleball Double Bounce Rule

Pickleball targets to engage more people with its recreational and amusing style, so if it ends in no more than five minutes how can anyone enjoy it? The Double bounce rule devises more rallies and extends the game by making it more interesting.

According to this rule, the players should make the ball bounce before hitting in both situations of serve and return of the serve. Don’t misinterpret as most of the players do, you have to bounce the ball only one time not two times. Moreover, this rule is to follow only in the first shot after service by both the teams i.e., serving and receiving.

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