How to Regrip a Pickleball Paddle?

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Gripping means adding a leather-like material around the handle to make the players comfortably hold the paddles. Regripping means removing the previous grip of the paddle and then substituting it with a new one.

Meanwhile, look no more for how to regrip a pickleball paddle because after extensive research of about 48 hours, we have collected all the required information in 5 simple steps. It would help if you had scissors, an electric, or grip tape and were all set to regrip the paddle. Look for the detailed procedure in the next part.

How to Regrip a Pickleball Paddle

Steps to Follow to Regrip a Pickleball Paddle 

Regripping a pickleball paddle may seem complicated, but it is not like that. Let us look at the given 5 most manageable steps to regrip your pickleball paddle.

1. Prepare the Apparatus

It is a good idea to have all the materials available and ready before heading towards the regripping. In short, gather the following materials to regrip the pickleball handle accurately.

  • First of all, you will need sharp scissors. 
  • Then an over grip.
  • You will also need electric or grip tape.
  • Sometimes, you require a screwdriver to substitute the original grip.

2. Remove the Old Grip

Now you have to start regripping the paddle by removing the tap from the lower side of the handle. You have to remove the tape off about 1.5 inches. After taking it off, you must remove the grip and handle.

Remove Overgrip

3. Assembling the Grip

First, you have to uncover the grip which you bought. Then, connect the grip so that its tapering side slightly passes over the handle. 

You can make the grip attain a steady position by using the tape. Lastly, you have to bend the paddle and crisscross the grip sidewise.

Regripping a Pickleball Paddle

4. Remove the Residual Grip

This step is rare, but it is also an excellent idea to fulfill it. If there is any leftover grip, you should remove it carefully. For this purpose, you will need a sharp scissor to cut it accurately. Remember to remove the grip so that there is enough space available.

Remove the Residual Grip

5. Attaching the Grip to the Handle

First of all, you will need a scissor and electric tape. To attach the grip to the handle, cut the electric tape and then wrap it around the grip.

It would help if you did it in such a way that half of the tape is around the grip and the other half is around the paddle. Then, fix the grip in your desired and accurate position using the adhesive tape. 

Final Thoughts on How to Regrip a Pickleball Paddle

If you find the regripping difficult after reading this article, it will no longer be a complex process. You can easily regrip the pickleball paddle if you remove the old grip, remove the residual grips and then attach the grip to the handle via electric tape.

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