What is a Pickleball Overgrip?

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Overgrip, overgrip, overgrip. Heard this pickleball term a lot but am unaware of it (I listened to it from a lot of pickle ballers quite often).

Look no further if this is your situation because we have your back. Here we have told you clearly what a pickleball grip is and why it is so important. Hence let us jump right into the details.

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What is Overgrip in Pickleball?

You get to hear different definitions of the overgrip in pickleball. That is why many beginners may even confuse the term with the simple grip of the pickleball paddle.

Therefore, I have defined the pickleball overgrip in the easiest way to avoid any inconvenience. So, keep reading ahead to know it.

A pickleball overgrip is a cozy and soft cloth-like tape applied over the grip of the pickleball paddle.

Now you would have got it clear what is a pickleball overgrip.

Benefits of a Pickleball Overgrip

At this point, you know about the overgrip term in pickleball. But have you ever thought about why the overgrip is crucial in pickleball?

I mean, you heard about its importance a thousand times. But for what reasons or benefits do players wrap overgrip around their pickleball paddle?

Let us explore the usefulness of a paddle overgrip.

1. Older Grips Need Replacement

Removing Old Grip

Here comes the most familiar reason you need to overgrip your pickleball paddle.

So, most of the time, when your paddle grip becomes older or it starts falling apart.

Also, it is filthy and non-hygienic. That is why you need to replace this older grip with an overgrip.

Consequently, it is one of the benefits of the overgrip as well because it helps protect you from dirt and diseases.

How to Regrip a Pickleball Paddle

2. Sweat Absorbance

Let me introduce you to the second benefit of the overgrip of your pickleball paddle.

Wrapping an overgrip around your paddle provides an excellent, sweat-absorbing feature. You don’t have to worry about your sweaty hands during extended plays.

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3. Widen the Circumference of the Grip

Mostly you get paddles that don’t have enough thickened grips. Is there any solution to this problem?

Yes! I have enlisted a solution below to the above problem according to my experience.

So, to thicken or widen the circumference of your pickleball paddle, you need to apply an overgrip to it.

It is the most straightforward and practically experienced tactic to solve the less-thickness problem of a pickleball racket.

4. Make the Grip More Comfortable

If you don’t like the comfort level of your paddle grip, then you need to follow the given strategy.

Apply an overgrip to your paddle. That is it, and you are all set to get the comfort level according to your requirements.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Overgrip

Hopefully, you will get at least a point or two from the above guide on what is a pickleball overgrip. If you are dedicated to improving your pickleball matches, I suggest you focus on the overgrips. These really help you in taking your game to another level.

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