Badminton vs. Pickleball : Difference & Similarities

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Are you mystifying about finding the difference between these remarkably renowned games? At first glance, Badminton and Pickleball sports seem similar because both use a net, contain the same rules, equality in size of the court and play as doubles and singles.

The main difference between Pickleball and Badminton is the net height. Badminton originated from Battledore and Shuttlecock and has roots in tennis, while Pickleball is the fusion of various games like tennis, table tennis and Badminton. 

Another main difference among these games is their different equipment and scoring techniques. Although these games look similar yet they are not. Don’t overwhelm and read this article to clear your confusion. It will help you learn more about Badminton and Pickleball and their differences to make a distinction.

Difference between Badminton and Pickleball

Both Badminton and Pickleball have seedbeds in tennis, but these games are different based on scoring, equipment, and strokes like underhand and overhand.

If we talk about their playing areas, they occupy the exact dimensions but different styles or essentials like netting and lines on the surfaces. Badminton is an Olympic event, while Pickleball is not.

Badminton vs Pickleball

This article gives a comprehensive explanation of Badminton and Pickleball separately to figure out your bewilderment.

We also elaborated on the differences in the playing area to provide you with fundamental knowledge about both games.

What is Badminton? 

A racket sport, Badminton is an Olympic event that plays in doubles and singles both. It is an indoor sport in which the players use birdie or shutter lock.

This game is well renown in Asia, South America, and Europe, with roots in tennis.

Badminton plays in five disciplines enlisted Men’s Singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s Singles, Women’s doubles and Mixed doubles.

This sport helps improve the physical and mental health status of the player. The player needs complex abilities, physical fitness, solid muscles and strength to compete. 

Badminton Game

What is Pickleball?

A pickleball is a merger of various racket sports that plays with the help of paddle and crenellated balls.

An interesting fact is that it can be played indoors and outdoors, but the requirements are somehow different for both.

This paddle sport was newly invented in 1969. It is well-known among older too, the people around 80s have been seen playing Pickleball.

It doesn’t only resolve mental health issues but also accounts for fitness, calorie burning and mental health relaxation.

Pickleball Game

Similarities Between Pickleball and Badminton

Although these games are different based on origin, pieces of equipment used, netting and scoring, there are many similarities too. 

1. Size of Playing Courts

The playing areas or court dimensions are the same in both Pickleball and Badminton. Both of these plays require space, i.e., 44 feet long and 20 ft wide.

Badminton Court
Pickleball Court

2. Played Singles and Doubles

Both of these games play as singles and doubles. Singles mean two players, and doubles mean four players (two in each group).

3. Players must be physical Fit:

The player should be physically fit, strong, and patient with master-level endurance.

Comparison of Badminton and Pickleball

Although Badminton and Pickleball are racket sports and have roots in tennis, these are different in many aspects.

Let’s discuss the factors on which these games are different:

1. Types of Equipment Used in the Games

In Badminton, a stringed racket uses to toss a birdie or shuttlecock, while solid paddles made up of wood, graphite, or fiberglass use to toss the ball having perforated holes in Pickleball.

Badminton Racket and Shuttlecock
Badminton Racket and Shuttlecock
Pickleball paddle and ball
Pickleball Paddle and Ball

2. Rally Scoring vs Service Team Scoring

In Badminton, rally scoring happens. It means players score points in every game round, while in Pickleball, the service team scores point only and it’s harder to gain points in it.

Badminton plays for 21 points while Pickleball plays for 11 points.

3. Origin of the Games

Badminton has its roots in tennis but originated from battledore and shuttlecock, while Pickleball is derived from tennis, table tennis and Badminton.

4. Playing Rules

In Pickleball, the perforated and lightweight ball should hit the ground. The ball should bounce first on serve. In Badminton, if the birdie touches the ground, then the game is over for you.

5. Game Strokes

Badminton players play with underhand and overhand strokes, while pickleball players usually use the underhand strokes only.

6. Registration in World Level Sports Events

Badminton is an old game and played at different international levels, therefore, it is one of the games that is part of extensive international sports events like Paralympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, Olympics Games, Asia Para Games, Pan American Games, Pacific Games, South Asian Games, Commonwealth, Asian Games and Indian Ocean Island Games.

Comparatively, Pickleball has recently been introduced by the US and is gradually gaining popularity at National Level.

Moreover, it is popular in a tiny society at the international level. Its courts are still in small numbers.

Hence, Pickleball is still not a part of mammoth international sports events like Badminton, but efforts are made to make it part of global events. 

Badminton Court vs Pickleball Court

Not only Pickleball is played on a Badminton sized court but also the dimensions of Badminton and Pickleball are same.

Let’s discuss the differences in the playing area of both the sports:

1. Service Line vs Kitchen Line

The badminton service line is about 6.5 feet away from mid of the net, while the kitchen line in pickleball is about 7 feet apart from the net. These differences seem negligible but create big trouble for gaming.

2. Netting in the Play Zone

In Badminton, the nets are fixed higher, and players have to hit hard to send birdie on the other side, while in Pickleball, the nets are placed lower.

The player has to hit the paddle smoothly to toss the equipment across the net. The length of the net is the same for both.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pickleball scoring versus badminton scoring?

The only difference is that pickleball follows side-out scoring, whereas badminton follows rally scoring. So in badminton, you can score whether serving or receiving. But in pickleball, you have to serve to win points.

Are badminton and pickleball courts the same?

Yes! But except for the net and no-volley zone.

The pickleball net is lower than badminton. Similarly, the non-volley zone of pickleball is 5 feet away from the net. In contrast, the badminton net is 6.5 feet away from the net.

Is pickleball easier than badminton?

Yes! Because in badminton, scoring points is more challenging than pickleball.

Is pickleball similar to badminton?

The main similarity between pickleball and badminton is that both can be played outdoors or indoors. Similarly, both are racquet games with almost similar courts.

Final Thoughts on Badminton and Pickleball

We like to have a good time with our partners or social groups for leisure and fitness. Sports like Badminton and Pickleball are the best ways to fulfil our goals. Letting into Badminton and Pickleball will help you meet your surroundings, burn calories, maintain your physique and retain better mental health.

Badminton is famous in schools, clubs and sports complexes worldwide, but Pickleball is renown in the US. Moreover, Badminton is a years-old game as compared to Pickleball.

In addition, Pickleball’s host country is the US. To enjoy the fusion of various sports, Pickleball is the best option. Pickleball and Badminton look similar and create confusion, and we have differentiated these games to clear your uncertainties.

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