How To Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

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So, you desire to play pickleball, a play that keeps you fit and healthy physically as well as mentally, but the court is not available for it? It’s a common issue, there is less availability of a pickleball court than a tennis court.

We have seen many people speculating about “Can you play Pickleball on a tennis court? So, yes, you can play pickleball on a tennis court.  For playing pickleball on a tennis court, make sure you have taken permission from the owner of the court. 

Keep reading for the complete guidance about converting tennis court permanently or semi-permanently to pickleball’s court and knowing how pickleball can be played on the tennis court.

Can You Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court?

The Pickleball craze in youth is increasing with every passing day. It’s a simple play and exercise as well. It keeps you fit and healthy.

To know, how it can be played on the tennis court is necessary for us, as there are fewer pickleball courts available in the surrounding.

As you know, a pickleball net is slightly smaller than a tennis net, so, simply lower the net a few inches to make it appropriate for the game.

Keep in mind that, the center of the net should be adjusted to 34 inches and the sidelines 36 inches.

You may require an adjuster to make all changes. Otherwise, there are two more options. The first one is having portable nets, and the other one is installing removable posts. It’s a good way for setting up anytime, but it is labor-intensive.

The other distinction is pickleball lines, these lines are different from tennis.

To play pickleball in a tennis court we have to make lines first with tape, paint, or chalk.  Tape or chalk will be preferred for multipurpose conversion of the court. Overall, it’s not a big deal for playing pickleball in a tennis court.

Difference Between Tennis Court vs Pickleball Court

It seems like both are identical, but not. When you desire to convert tennis court into pickleball court, you will find many differences like:

  1. Court Dimensions
  2. Netting
  3. Single and double court
  4. Indoor/outdoor
  5. Drop shots/ Dinks
  6. Causal nature
  7. The kitchen
Tennis vs pickleball

1. Court Dimensions

If we talk about court dimensions first, you will see that length of pickleball is 44 feet long while tennis is 78 feet long.

The pickleball court is small in size than tennis, Width is about 20 feet in pickleball and 27 feet in tennis.

2. Netting

Just like dimensions differences, the pickleball net is also smaller than the net of tennis.

The pickleball net height is 36 inches from both ends and 34 inches in the middle whereas the height of tennis net is 36 inches all around (to learn more about pickleball nets, read here).

3. Single and Double Court Sizes

In tennis, double alleys are created on the left and right-side which teams of two can use while pickleball court dimensions remains the same for single and double.

4. The kitchen / Non volley zone

In Tennis, there is no restriction on where the tennis player may be. There is no “kitchen” or “non volley zone” in tennis while, pickleball has a seven-foot non volley zone that is extended from the net.

Pickleball Kitchen OR Non Volley Zone
Pickleball Kitchen / Non Volley Zone

5. Indoor/Outdoor

Tennis cannot be played indoors while pickleball can be easily shifted to indoor during winter months so that play can’t stop.

6. Drop shots

In order to hit smashes in tennis, player needs to set-up a drop shot whereas in pickleball to set up a blow players need dinks.

7. Casual Nature

Pickleball can be played casually like a simple sport or moderate exercise while tennis cannot be played like this, it needs planning and specific setup.

All of us, love both of the games. But these two games have few differences. Both of the sports allow the best exercise for your muscle’s strength, mental relaxation, maintenance of physique, and weight management.

Physical activities are necessary to be fit. We can overcome these differences by knowing how to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court.

It’s not as difficult as it seems to be. There is no pickleball court available everywhere. We have to convert the tennis court or set up a pickleball court by ourselves to enjoy this game. There is a complete guideline given for conversion of tennis court into pickleball court.

Court Size20 ft. wide, 44 ft. long60 ft. wide, 120 ft. long
Netting34 inches tall in center of the net36 inches tall
Singles and Doubles Court Size20 ft. wide, 44 ft. longSingles court size: 78 ft. X 27 ft.
Double Court Size: 78 ft. X 36 ft.
No Volley-Zone7-foot, from the net, no-volley zone extendedNone

Can You Convert Tennis Court into a Pickleball Court?

Are you sure? Do you want conversion of the tennis court into pickleball court for good?

Firstly, ponder about it carefully, the tennis court is a complete asset, and you might not care about it now, but one day for somebody.

We will suggest you the multipurpose conversion of the court or temporary conversion so that, you might easily get back your tennis court.

Keep in mind the major differences between them that distinguish the court from one another are

  • Lines that note the several bounds
  • Net that splits the court.

Temporary Conversion of Tennis Court Into Pickleball Court

Playing Pickleball On A Temporarily Converted Tennis Court
Playing Pickleball On A Temporarily Converted Tennis Court

Temporary conversion is highly appreciated as it doesn’t destroy a tennis court. For this temporary conversion, heavy-duty tape or some good chalk will be used to outline the court.

For the net, we use an adjuster or simply lower the net to adjust it 36 inches at the sides and 34 inches in a middle.

Multipurpose conversion is an ideal solution to the problem because the tennis court is not damaged.

Permanent Conversion of Tennis Court into Pickleball Court

Permanent conversion is least preferred because the tennis court is considered a complete asset for the owner. For this, lines are permanently painted or fixed.

Tennis cannot be played on pickleball courts because the lines will confuse the player. The complete conversion of the court may also require removing the current surface of the court and forming an entirely new court at this place.

Four pickleball courts can be installed on one court of tennis (to learn more about this, read here). Permanent conversion of the court is usually conducted when the demand is high otherwise, it’s not an ideal solution.

Permanently Converted One Tennis Court Into 4 Pickleball Courts
Permanently Converted One Tennis Court Into 4 Pickleball Courts

What court is pickleball played on?

Let’s talk about pickleball court, it is like a badminton-sized court. Its dimensions are:

  • Length 44 feet
  • The width is 20 feet.
Pickleball Court

The court of Pickleball is smaller in size as compared to a tennis court. The pickleball net is 36 inches high on the sidelines while 34 inches at the middle. The playing field/domain should be 30 by 60 feet. For the tournament play, 34 by 64 is proffered mostly.

For setting up a pickleball court you have to keep in mind the following things:

  • The hiring of a professional contractor
  • Orientation of the court to north-south
  • The lines of the court should be white and 2 inches wide.
  • The baselines of pickleball court should run opposite to the net on both ends.
  • The sidelines in pickleball court must run upright to the net.
  • The kitchen/ no volley zones must be created.

How many Pickleball courts fit on a Tennis Court?

Four pickleball courts that can be adjusted easily on a tennis court.

3D View of One Tennis Court Converted Into 4 Pickleball Courts
3D View of 4 pickleball courts on a tennis court

The dimensions needed for a pickleball court are 20 inches in width and 44 inches in length and playing area 30 by 60 inches.

If we divide the tennis court into two halves, each of them can be further divided into two pickleball courts.

If the demand for pickleball is high or there are any tournament-based events are coming on your way. You can convert the tennis court permanently to a pickleball court. You will have four pickleball courts in the area / zone of one tennis court.

The permanent conversion will not be good if it is needed only once, or there is not much demand for pickleball court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Pickleball Court the Same as a Tennis Court?

No! Because the pickleball court is about 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. At the same time, the Tennis court measured about 60 feet in width and 120 feet in length.

Can the Tennis court be used for Pickleball?

Although the size of pickleball and badminton courts is different, you can still play on a tennis court with a few changes. Because their net heights resemble each other, and the court size is also good for pickleball.

Where do Pickleball lines go on a Tennis court?

The lines of the tennis service box, which go parallel to the net, will be the backline of pickleball. In comparison, the centerline of pickleball will go on the centerline of the tennis service box.

Final Thoughts on How To Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court

The whole discussion reveals that we can play pickleball on the tennis court and convert the court as well with the owner’s permission. There are less diversities between them, the dimensions of the pickleball court are less than the tennis court.

The conversion should be temporary or multipurpose because the tennis court is a complete asset for the owner. It will not be a good decision to convert the tennis court permanently to a pickleball court. However, conversion is not difficult as it seems to be. The complete guideline is given in this article.

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