What Is a Drop Shot in Pickleball? A Beginner’s Guide

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A drop shot makes a professional stand out and gives them a competitive advantage. Drop shots are difficult to pull off; most beginners must try them. It is unarguably the hardest shot to play, but it is useful to bring the opponent under pressure. However, you must be mindful of making a drop shot because it can easily backfire. 

What is a drop shot in pickleball? If you are new to pickleball, you may have yet to learn about pickleball and how to incorporate technical shots. However, we are here to guide you about drop shots and state some practical tips to do it correctly. Let’s Begin! 

Here’s how you can master your third shot drop:

What is a Drop Shot? Simple Explanation! 

You may have heard professionals execute drop shots to gain a competitive advantage. As a beginner, it is hard to execute such shots, and only a few know about it. Beginners often wonder what a drop is shot or third shot drop. 

A drop shot is like a dink shot, but the technique is slightly different. You can make a dink shot near the net, but a drop shot is executed far away. However, the purpose of a drop shot is the same as the dink shot, which is to get the ball over the net to the opponent’s non-volley area. 

A drop shot is perfect for turning around the game’s pace, allowing you to stabilize yourself. You can hit two to three drop shots simultaneously to lower the game’s pace and get back toward the net. 

What is the Purpose of a Drop Shot?


If you are a beginner at pickleball, you may need to learn why drop shots are important. Drop shots are a strategy that allows you to gain more control and have a competitive advantage. Here are some of the main purposes of a drop shot: 

Gives More Net Control 

One of the main advantages of a drop shot is that you can move closer to the net and have better control. Often, when the opponent throws a ball at you with a powerful smash, you are forced to move backward.  

Being in the defensive mode is only sometimes the best for you; hence, you need to reposition yourself. Drop shots are the best to reposition yourself and get towards the net for more control. It is also an opportunity to get the opponent team under pressure and get them to throw weaker shots. 

Get Favorable Shots from the Opponent 

Apart from having more control over the game, drop shots are also best to manipulate the performance of the opponent team. You throw the ball strategically, which causes it to bounce weaker on the opponent’s side.  

The opponent has no choice but to hit the ball in the upward direction, which allows you to hit in a solid downward direction. When the ball comes to your side of the court, it becomes attackable. You can hit it with the utmost authority and give solid competition to your opponent. 

Strategies to Master Drop Shot 

Beginners struggle to swing the ball or hit the perfect drop shot. You must think you must be a professional to master this shot; however, you can never be so wrong. Certain strategies can help you master a drop shot. Here is how: 

Keep Racket in Front 

How you hold your paddle when hitting a drop shot plays a pivotal role in making it a success. One of the things that makes sure a drop shot is a success is keeping your paddle at the front. On the other hand, it is important to keep your paddle low towards the ground to hit with good speed. 

Bring your paddle down towards your feet, but don’t bring it closer to the ground. Make sure to have at least a 6 inch gap between the paddle and your feet. The paddle should be higher but just above your feet and behind. Some players pull their paddle back, which is a backswing hitting the shot with more power than you intend. Hence, it is essential to keep a lighter hand as it helps make the drop shot a success. 

Eliminate the Spin

One of the biggest differences between a beginner and a professional drop shot is that they lack spin. Beginners make the mistake of adding spin to their ball, which can land them in trouble. The ultimate purpose of a drop ball is to land flat in the opponent’s non-volley area with barely any bounce. 

The spin causes the ball to land in the kitchen area or barely go over the net. Hence, you need to keep your hands flat and keep the movement in control to avoid spinning. Adding spin can make the ball pop up and make it more attackable, which is not the best for a drop shot. 

Bend Your Knees 

Well, bending your knees is one of the basic strategies, but it makes a huge difference. You must bend your knees and bring your paddle down to create momentum. You can get back up when hitting the shot, but it is better to start with bent knees initially. If you use your wrist and upper back strength to hit, it will create an inconsistent shot. Hence, it is better to have the right stance to avoid making the shot weaker or more powerful. 


If you are wondering what is a drop shot in pickleball, this article answers your every question. A drop shot is necessary to gain a competitive advantage over your opponent. It is difficult to master; hence, most people consider drop shots a professional skill. However, if you know and use a few useful strategies in your gameplay, you will master drop shots in no time. 

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