Pickleball Drive Shot: How to Drive in Pickleball?

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Have you ever heard about the drive shot in pickleball?

It is a shot used for attacking the ball vigorously to snatch some score from your opponent.

Is it not better to know the drive shot in detail for your better understanding? If yes, then go ahead and explore this amazing technique to make a win-win situation.

What is a Drive Shot in Pickleball?

Don’t think of the drive shot as a complicated scoring technique. Rather it is so simple if you read its definition below with a bit of your full attention.

So, the drive shot is basically the shot when you quickly strike the ball after it bounces up. But it should be fast and with a comparatively low trajectory. For now, it is enough to understand!

However, players take a drive shot to make the ball move fast in the forward direction because the player wants the opponent to return the ball in a short time span.

In the overall shot process, you should remember to keep the speed of the ball as fast as possible. In this way, the opponent will have less chance to return it. You may even win a point by following a quality drive shot in pickleball.

Consequently, since you know what a drive shot in pickleball is, now, for your better understanding, move on to its three main types.

Three Types of Drive Shots in Pickleball

Let us boost your knowledge regarding the drive shot in pickleball by knowing its 3 main types.

Do you know its types depend upon where you hit the ball?


It is up to you. Accordingly, the following 3 kinds of drive shots come out.

1. Near Net Drive Shot

Have you ever hit the ball when it bounces high after being returned from your opponent?

If yes, then you have made a near-net drive shot in pickleball. So, it comes out to be the first type of drive shot.

Although you may conveniently achieve this shot, you should keep a keen eye to not let the ball go out of the boundaries.

2. Back-Court Drive

It means the shot that you drive from the back side of your court.

You can do it if you want your opponent to mobilise. In this way, there is a chance for them to make a mistake. Besides it, you can also do the back-court drive in case of preparing your next shot.

However, I would recommend you strike the ball somewhat near the net. Because if you don’t do so and hit the ball much higher above the net, then your opponent may easily block it.

3. Mid-Court Drive Shot

This type of drive shot is somewhat similar to the near-court shot. Let us see how.

The mid-court drive means to attack the ball when your opponent returns it to the middle area of the court, and it bounces up.

In this case, if you hit it successfully, then you are taking a mid-court shot in pickleball.

Why Do You Take a Drive Shot in Pickleball?

Generally, we drive in pickleball to let our opponent make a mistake or make them return the ball quickly.

Hence by doing so, we have a chance to score some points. While taking this shot, we can also make some room for preparing our next shot.

When Should You Use the Drive Shot?

Literally, it varies from player to player in pickleball. However, you can mostly utilise your drive shot if your opponent fails to block the ball near the net.

So, you can drive this shot to make your opponent’s run or return the ball quickly. Consequently, you can have some possible opportunities to score points.

How to Drive in Pickleball?

First of all, you need to be in your ready position with your paddle up. Then you have to turn a bit of your waist with your arm in a swinging position.

At the same time, your forearm should drive along with your tightened fingers to whip the ball fastly with ample power. That is it!

You can successfully drive in pickleball by following the above simple technique.

Tips to Master the Drive Shot in Pickleball

  • I would suggest you to attack the ball in front of you. While doing so, your body should be in a balanced position, and the ball needs to be at its upper flat trajectory.
  • Try not to hit the ball at a too much higher level of the net. Otherwise, your opponent can block it and may make you lose the points.
  • It would be best if your paddle and ball had a nice smooth surface. With it, you can have the feasibility of driving a shot.
  • When you are playing single pickleball, then in this scenario, you can take a drive shot by focusing on the defensive gap of your opponent.
  • Your drive can target the space between the pickle ballers in case of a double game. So, if your opponent is a bit weak in defending, then you can drive a shot by hitting the ball at any of their body parts, which will cause them to make faults and let you earn a score.
  • The shot can prove fruitful if you hit the ball with one backhand. In this way, you can produce more power and hence strike the ball more efficiently (You can also use both of your backhands to make the shot successful if you feel powerless with one backhand).

Final Thoughts On Pickleball Drive Shot

You have to attack the ball quickly with good power and make your opponent return it within a shorter time period. However, the ball should follow a horizontal path. It should also be at a lower angle to the net. So, this is how you can drive pickleball easily.

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