When is Pickleball Season? 

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Do you want to know the perfect season to play pickleball? If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place. After extensive research, we have gathered information regarding when pickleball season is.

There is no particular season to play pickleball. However, April to November is a good time for playing it outdoors. In contrast, you can play it indoors whenever you want throughout the season. Now let’s know the topic in detail.

When to Play Pickleball Outdoors?

Playing Pickleball Outdoor

First of all, there are no limitations towards the season of pickleball. Although many of its resembling sports require a proper time of the year, pickleball can be played anytime throughout the year.

But it would help if you considered a proper time or season for playing pickleball outdoors or indoors.

In this section, we will talk about when to play pickleball outdoors. Accordingly, keep the following conditions in mind when you want to play pickleball outdoors.

If you are not much affected by the intensity of the weather, like hot or cold, then there is no specific season to play pickleball outdoors. 

When it’s not raining, or there is extreme warmth outside, you can give a shot of pickleball outdoors even in the hot July or the cold December. Usually, pickleball is played outdoors from April to early November.

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Sometimes, the weather is fine, but the wind is not bearable. Because since pickleball is lightweight, wind can ruin your ball’s balance. But if you still want to play outdoors, then in this situation, you can use a hard ball.

In outdoor pickleball, you will notice shortness in rallies. It’s due to the fast speed of the ball due to the hard court surface.

Take out a hard ball with yourself when playing pickleball outdoors. It should have small holes to bear the wind’s harshness. 

When to Play Pickleball Indoors?

Playing Pickleball Indoor

You know that pickleball indoors can be played without worrying about the seasons. But it is good to have a keen eye on the following situations to have a better idea before starting the play.

  1. Whether it is any cold season of the year or a warm one, you can freely play pickleball indoors. 
  2. The length of your rallies is extended when you play pickleball indoors because the ball moves slowly and a little higher as compared to outdoors. 
  3. You have to use a lightweight ball having bigger holes. This way, you can make a better and more effective shot on an indoor pickleball court.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Season

Whether you like playing pickleball indoors or outdoors, you must consider an appropriate season. But there is no specific season to play pickleball like other sports. 

You can play it outdoors from April to early November. However, when it comes to playing pickleball indoors, it helps to know that you can play pickleball indoors whenever you want throughout the year.

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