Pickleball Tips For Tennis Players

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Once, I met my tennis friend on a pickleball court and I asked, what are you doing here? You were crazy for tennis once. He said, yes, that’s right for yesterday but not today. I just came to try another racket sport, but it glued me to itself. Though I played it for a week, I could not get much about it.

So, Henry asked me for pickleball tips for tennis players. I replied, why do you worry? I will make it easy for you, not just my friend, but for all the tennis converts.

In this blog/article, the tennis players will get the essential tips and techniques to grow themselves in pickleball.

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Pickleball Tips for Tennis Players

Switching From Tennis to Pickleball

Tennis players’ interest in pickleball is not uncommon or weird. When you love to taste some specific food point, you always come to taste their new dish too.

As tennis and pickleball are both racket sports, it’s natural that the player will incline towards it at least once. You have to learn tips, techniques, rules, and more about switching towards something new.

To help you out, I will first suggest visiting the pickleball community near you. Not just tennis players, all the other players start pickleball as a beginner.

Remember tennis experts, you were also a beginner at a game of tennis once.

Let’s take a closer look into it.

Have you heard about a famous quote, “Practice makes a man perfect”? It will not be wrong to say, “Practice/learning will make a tennis player perfect for pickleball”.

So, practice is possible when you understand the worth of joining the community.

Distillate on Differences Between Tennis and Pickleball

The playing zones of both games make a huge difference. Tennis courts are significant, and pickleball is just one-fourth of them.

If you talk about equipment, the tennis paddles are big enough than pickleball. Besides this, there is much more difference like lower net, lighter ball and no volley zone of pickleball.

All in all, pickleball is an entirely different type of game. Now, let’s begin it with practice and patience.

Things to Avoid in Pickleball Being a Tennis Player

Starting your racket sport with a big court and different rules, you tend towards applying the dame on pickleball. That’s not right.

Avoid Aggressive Volleys

You don’t need to play aggressively in pickleball, it’s for all, but tennis players seem aggressive mostly. Especially when you are playing underspin, it may cause you to lose.

Remember, you may do it aggressively during topspin as your balls roll down in the pickleball court.

Don’t pivot your body sideways while volleying

I know that the tennis coach had taught you to pivoting body sideways during volley, but it makes trouble here.

Yes, pickleball may get you on the kitchen line when you volley and pivot your body sideways. Oops! A huge loss. Avoid it and keep your body and feet parallel to the non-volley zone.

Essential Pickleball Tips to Learn for Tennis Players

Other things that need to understand while playing pickleball instead of tennis are:

  • The balls of pickleball don’t spin like tennis.
  • Remember, in pickleball, there is no room for error. You get only one or two serves. Playing from the center works best in pickleball.
  • Please don’t stay at baseline for long, making it difficult for you.
  • In pickleball, the best way of earning points is exploring your opponent’s weakness.
  • A ready position is necessary to learn.
  • Remember, patience is troublesome, but the outcome is excellent.
  • Learn the dinking and other intelligent techniques.
Pickleball Tips for Tennis Players

Final Thoughts: Pickleball Tips for Tennis Players

Switching from one play to another is not a doddle, you have to work hard. Don’t get frustrated, I know the tennis player coming close to the net is a habit, and here in pickleball, it gets you out.

All in all, scoring in pickleball is not as hard as it seems at the start. Learn the basics, practice the play and you will never go to tennis again. You don’t get much fatigue during Pickleball play, as the playing zone is much smaller.

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