What is a Pickleball Split Step?

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Do you know that experienced pickleball players make their game successful with a balanced position?

Yes, mostly they win due to a good position called pickleball split step. It is a slight jump or staying on the foot of your balls for a while. You have to take it when your opponent is going to strike the ball toward you.

In the next section, find out why, how, and when to split the step.

Why is the Split Step Important? 

As you know the split step is one of the crucial techniques in pickleball for better positioning. Now let us go through the following reasons why the split step is so important.

  • First of all, in pickleball, the split step enables you to control your momentum. In this way, you can conveniently change your direction and position towards both sides in a balanced way.
  • The second most crucial importance of the split step is ball control. This move does not allow the ball to him at your backside.

Moreover, the split step allows you to maintain a balanced position in pickleball. Therefore you have a better chance to play successfully by gaining experience in this technique.

How to Split the Step in Pickleball? 

By the split step don’t assume that it will be a big or complex type of jumping technique.

Instead it is a slight hop for balancing your position. Now we will know how to split the step when playing pickleball.

You have to hop about 1 to 1.5 inches above the court. You can also maintain a balanced position on the balls of your feet in a way that your footwork is light.

Besides the position of the split step, you should focus on the direction of your paddle during this move.

We suggest you stay active with your paddle being prepared in a proper order along with your legs bent slightly.

When to Split Step?

A suitable time for you to split step is when your opponent is about to ready his paddle and then strike the ball.

Pickleball Split Step one

Meanwhile, you have to begin from the back of the baseline and move forward toward the kitchen line.

While you are on your way, you should take at least 2-3 split steps before reaching the kitchen line.

Pickleball Split Step two

In between when moving ahead, you have to split the step and stop followed by some other steps. Continue this procedure a couple of times and move in the required direction.

Consequently, you should focus on the paddle of your opponent. Accordingly, you have to split step only when they begin to make a contact with the ball. At this time you can conveniently prepare yourself in advance for a good move.

Pickleball Split Step three

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Split Step

The split step is a light bounce and you can quickly master it by practicing it with a friend or alone. You have to stand on the balls of your feet when your opponent starts to contact his ball to maintain a balanced position.

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