Pickleball Rally Scoring – Ultimate Guide For Single & Double

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Trying to understand scoring in pickleball differently? Maybe looking for how to rally score in the game? We’ve got all the info one might need on this method.

Many players have adopted this scoring method over the last couple of years. It’s pretty easy. I will be explaining it briefly, discussing all the necessary points that one might need to know before going into rally scoring, aka it’s a complete guide for you.

If you play pickleball the traditional way and are thinking about switching, look at what I’ve learned as a professional pickleball player in both Pickleball rally scoring and traditional scoring.

What is Rally Scoring in Pickleball?

The traditional pickleball scoring was initially based on badminton. Rally scoring has been a new way introduced for some years.

Many clubs across the country have switched to it as it helps in reducing the crowd.

But what is rally scoring in the game like? The real question arises. The difference in this type of scoring is mostly of rules.

Let’s discuss them thoroughly:

Rules of Pickleball Rally Scoring

Without further ado, let’s quickly go through the conventions used in the rally scoring:

  • In rally scoring, every rally is considered a point.
  • No more servers one & two because each side will only get one serve.
  • Throughout the game, each person will have the chance to serve.
  • Never forget that the right side of the court is known as the even side, and the left side is called the odd side
Even and Odd Side of pickleball
  • Only the serving team score will determine the side of the court from which the serve will be played.
  • When the serving team has an even score the serve will be made from the right side of the court
Even Score and Serving From Right Side of the court
  • When the serving side has an odd score the serve will be made from the left side of the court
Odd Score and Serving From Left Side of the court

Benefits of Rally Scoring

Even when people get fuming at the sight of rally scoring in pickleball, there are still some advantages visible in this method of scoring. One of them is quicker matches. The most significant benefit of this is the reduction of massive crowds.

Rally scoring is also easier to understand than the traditional scoring method, resulting in many new players joining and playing it across the country.

With rally scoring, the game becomes more thrilling not only for the players but the people watching as well. Every move can gain a point or lose it, making the game more exhilarating.

Here in this video you can learn more about Pickleball rally scoring:

Drawbacks of Rally Scoring

With its many benefits, rally scoring in pickleball also holds some disadvantages.

Many people, players of pickleball or just the fans, are not satisfied with the rules used in rally scoring. This is because they believe the players, new and old, won’t be able to enhance their skills as each rally can end up losing a point.

Another vulnerable point of this method would be the lack of a comeback serve, taking all the fun out of the game.

Rally scoring also causes risks in the game because losing a serve can result in losing the whole, unlike the traditional way in which the players would only lose the serve and not the point.

Single and Double Rally Scoring

With its difference, one similarity that both single and double scoring have is that at the beginning and when the score is even, the player serves from the right side of the court, and when the score is odd, they serve from the left side of the court.

Rally Scoring Single

Single scoring only consists of one player on each side. Every time the server scores in single scoring, the receiver has to switch sides to reinstate the shot.

Because there are zero other serves to turn in the game, both sides can forfeit after one fault.

Rally Scoring Double

In double scoring, all four players on both sides will have only one chance to serve. Both teams can alternate serve for points in the game.

The point system works as follows:

  • When the serving side wins a rally, they get the point, and the same server serves again from the other side of the court
  • When the receiving side wins a rally, they get the point. Still, they can’t switch sides they become the new serving side now

In double scoring, the order of the game depends on the score being even or not. The game is played to 15 points. 2 points should win it.

Take a look at this table to understand better:

Pickleball Rally Scoring Double Table Guide

What is MLP Rally Scoring

In simplest terms, Major League Pickleball (MLP) means you can earn a point on almost every rally whether you are serving or not. But it would be best if you kept in mind that the final point may be won mostly by the serving team.

Differences Between Traditional Scoring and Rally Scoring

First, you should know their clear definitions.

Accordingly, rally scoring in pickleball means the score you win when your opponent fails to return the shot, the ball goes out of the boundaries, or your opponent makes a fault.

However, traditional scoring means only the serving team can win points.

Now let us discuss their major differences.

So, the difference between traditional and rally scoring is that the traditional scoring games are played for up to 11 points, and the rally scoring games are played for up to 15 or 21 points.

The reason for the increment in the rally scoring is that the points are awarded at every rally, irrespective of who is serving.

Final Thoughts On Pickleball Rally Scoring

Both rally scoring and traditional scoring can be fun to learn and adapt for pickleball players. Many similarities are making them not as different from one another as a point will be given after every rally changing only a few tactics.

Get your pickleball gear and why not try and play it yourself before making up your mind.

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