What is the Best Weight For a Pickleball Paddle

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To select the best pickleball paddle, it is mandatory to know the details about the weight of paddles. Their effectiveness is considered according to the demands of the player, the physique of the player, his level of the game, and shots/strokes hit by him.

Moreover, the weight of Pickleball paddles has different categories starting from 6 ounces and ending on 14 ounces.

No doubt, selection of paddles is completely choice of a player but seeking guidance to avoid health constraints, fatigue, and muscle pains like elbow strain, shoulder pain, etc., cannot be ruled out.

This article will help you in guiding the selection of paddles according to their weight categories. What role does weight play in pickleball play? Does heavyweight paddle cause injuries? When and why a player should use light, mid, and heavyweight paddles?

Categories of Pickleball Paddle Weight

Following are weight-wise details of pickleball paddles:

  • Light Weight (below 7.2 ounces)
  • Mid Weight (between 7.3 to 8.4 ounces)
  • Heavy Weight (8.5 ounces and above)

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Lightweight pickleball paddles weigh about 7.2 oz. These are the best choice for those who like to hit drop shots in a pickleball play.

If you are a beginner and going to shift yourself from playing table tennis or racquetball to pickleball, then lightweight paddles are the best option to go with.

These paddles are best for the quick response too. The flaws we face from this type of paddle are vibration and stress on the elbow while hitting the ball.

Midweight Pickleball paddles

The best merger of power and control is the mid-weight paddles that weigh in between light and heavy weight paddles.

These paddles work best for striking the serves and give you control to dink at the net. With these paddles, a very fast swing like the lightweight paddle is not possible, but they deliver ample swing.

If a player is uncertain about buying the paddle, he should select the mid-weight paddle. It allows the player a balanced game and enhances the ability to place the shots or dinks. Midweight paddles are considered ideal to be used in single matches of pickleball.

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddle

The heavyweight paddle does not seem to be a good option as it may cause fatigue in your arm.

For the players who prefer more power than control, heavyweight paddles are the best option for them.

These paddles are made for the ones who are used to with them, or the ones who are enough strong to hold them. These paddles ensure the best services in wind conditions.

To place hard shots, it’s the best option indeed. Like mid-weight paddles, these are also good for singles.

The strong swing might not be possible by these paddles. Other drawback is, these paddles are not suitable for double matches.

Why Weight of Pickleball Paddle Matter?

While choosing the paddle, weight is the most important aspect that should be kept in consideration.

As we mentioned above, the weight of the paddle ranges from 6 to 14 ounces, so according to your strength, experience and priorities select your paddle wisely.

The players who prefer power go for a heavyweight, those who want faster swing choose a lightweight paddle.

The mid-weight paddle that uses in between both the heavy and light weight paddles, is probably the best choice to consider. It ensures you both power and control over the play.

It’s not right to say that the pricey paddles will ensure the quality of the player’s game. The weight of the paddle that suits him best and to which the player is comfortable with, is the best paddle to play with.

Other than this factor, the grip size of the player also matters a lot. To end up, we can say that the only paddle best for you is the one that feels your comfort. Choose the paddle which matches your comfort zone and win the game.

Players with Tennis Elbow/ Arthritis

Players having arthritis or joint pain are recommended to choose a mid-weight paddle. Mid-weight paddles would be enough to serve stability.

If these players will use a lightweight paddle, the weight will not tax their arm. The players should select the paddle which gives comfort to them.

If the players with this joint’s issues choose the heavyweight paddle, there would be greater chances of inflammation to your arthritis or injury. The disorder will get worse.

Tennis Elbow

what weight pickleball paddle should i use?

During the selection of the weight of the paddle, personal choice matters a lot. No one knows you better than you, yourself. You know well, what kind of the player you are. Selecting the paddle based on comfort will ensure you the best playing service.

In beginning, players choose between light and mid-weight paddles, but as time passes, they also go for heavyweight.

Final Thoughts On Pickleball Paddle Weight

The above-said facts, figures, and discussion elaborate the exact role of the weight of pickleball paddles. Their division into three major categories, based on light, mid and heavyweight, expound the usage according to player level, physique, and strokes (hit by player).

There are pros and cons of weight-wise paddles like lightweight helps to hit drop shots, best for beginners, and quick response. Its drawback is a player faces vibration and stress on the elbow while hitting the ball.

A mid-weight paddle is considered the perfect paddle having almost no complication as it is used for power and control hits, besides, brought swing in the ball. It is very helpful in striking the serves and control to dink at the net.

Lastly, the heavyweight paddle is not a good option because it may cause fatigue in your arm. It is preferred by a power hitter and often found in the use of professional players. Selection of the right weight paddle matters to evade troubles, that belong to the human body and the game.

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