Pickleball Paddle Dimensions – (Size & Specifications)

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When it comes to professional recognition and tournament acceptance, a game has to pass through many rules, modes, specifications and regulations. Pickleball is progressing day by day and gaining space in the World of the tournament. The International Federation of Pickleball has administered specific rules and particulars for the style and equipment of pickleball.

So, are you looking for pickleball paddle dimensions introduced by the International Federation of Pickleball? In this article, we will extensively guide you about the paddle’s dimensions, specifications and legal acceptance. These elements are essential to follow by every pickleball player to participate in the tournament.

Pickleball Racket Dimensions

For tournament purposes, the paddle should have some specific dimensions. If your paddle has more or less length or width than specified dimensions, then you cannot participate in the play.

Pickleball Paddle Size / Length

The length must be 39.4-43.2 centimeters (15.5” to 17”). This measurement is mandatory for the tournament plays, more than this length will not be accepted.

Pickleball Paddle Width

The width should be 17.78 cm to 20.95 cm (7 inches to 8.25 inches).

Depth of the Pickleball Paddle

The depth must be at least 1.25 inches which is approximately equal to 3.175 cm.

Length of Paddle’s Handle

The handle of the pickleball paddle should be 4 to 5.5 inches long.

Pickleball Paddle Grip Size

The grip Circumference must be 4 to 4.5 inches which is equal to 10.2 to 11.5 centimeters.

Now you might be wondering that how to measure grip size for Pickleball Paddle?

In the following video, you will learn all about grip sizes of Pickleball paddle:

If we calculate combine dimensions, then it would be almost 61cm (24 inches). The paddle will be rejected if it will not meet the mentioned requirements or dimensions proposed by USAPA and IFA.

Pickleball Paddle Specifications

The USAPA has assigned some particulars for the pickleball paddle used in tournaments and competitions arranged on a big level.

These specifications are made to assure the competitors that no one is getting equipment based extra advantage or relief.

Every player uses a different paddle based on its material, and core material. Some paddle materials have a specificity of good spin and control, while others have more power and flexibility.

To compensate for these differences, these are some specifications precise by USAPA,

  • The paddles should possess non-compressible material and must be rigid.
  • The paddle material should meet the IFP particulars.
  • The pickleball paddle should not be made up of anti-skid paint. It must not contain any sand particles, rubbers, springs or any component that can increase head momentum.
  • In the paddle’s composition, any electrical and mechanical assistance that nepotisms more spin or any extra advantage to the player is not allow.
  • The paddle surface should not possess any pictures or design or any written description that may result offensive to the opponent.
  • If a paddle surface has any dents or rough edges or holes then it would be rejected, because from these elements player can get a one-sided advantage.
  • The amendments that we can make to our paddle are the adjustment of grip, the addition of an edge guard, and designing marks on the paddle face for identification.

Surfacing Criteria for Pickleball Paddle

Management uses a tester typically known as Surface Roughness Tester to take readings for measuring the roughness of pickleball paddle. It will detect reading in various directions probably six directions. There are limitations regarding roughness height, it should not exceed 0.003 cm from Rz reading, and 0.004 cm from Rt reading.

Painting: You can paint the paddle surface, but it should meet the requirements of surface criteria.

Rule Regarding Reflection: The paddle’s surface should not be reflective and troublesome for the opponent. It should not reflect the sunlight and court lights too.

Specification About Paddle Weight

You might be thinking that, is there any restriction regarding the weight of the pickleball paddle?

So, there are no rules regarding it up till now. You can use the paddle of any weight; lightweight, mid-weight or heavyweight paddle as per your choice.

The player should select the paddle according to the grip, comfort and health condition. If you have arthritis or tennis elbow, selection would not be same like strong player.

Designation of Model

Designation of the paddle is necessary for tournament purposes. The manufacturer/maker should mention the model number, logo, brand name or any element that specifies its worth and identity.

The pickleball paddles made by the company having various features or different materials should be characterized by a unique name or digits.

The decal applied by the manufacturer can also be helpful in displaying model information regarding the paddle.

The decals or tape applied should not be more than 2.5 centimeters or 1 inch, otherwise your paddle can be rejected.

Are the Homemade Paddles Allowed?

In tournaments and international competitions, the players cannot use homemade paddles as it is against their policies.

For casual play in your backyard or any local club, these paddles may work. Tournaments and international level competitions prefer branded and commercially made paddles.

The homemade paddles are usually composed of wood, it’s the cheapest material and due to heavy nature, it is not much used.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Paddle Size & Dimensions

Pickleball paddle dimensions and specifications are specified to resist the contradiction of one-sided nepotism between players and opponents. A certain criterion is set for length, width, depth, grip circumference and handle’s length. Everyone should follow these criteria to participate in tournaments and international level competitions. The specifications like the paddle’s material rigidity and rules about designing and painting the paddle should be followed by every competitor. 

The success achieved by unfair means has no further reward, so making holes and having dents on the paddle surface to gain extra advantage will disrepute you only. You may only make changes to grasp your paddle in the right way and make an identification mark. Every player must keep all rules and particulars in consideration, while going for tournament play.

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