Pickleball Noise Complaints – How to Prevent this Problem?

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The people who love to play pickleball enjoy the sounds popping out from the pickleball paddle. It is annoying for the neighboring people who feel irritated because of it. To the players, it’s amusing, and some of them don’t even feel the noise. In this article, we will tell you about pickleball noise complaints and solution to these noises.

It’s natural when you are involved in a play or any interesting activity you don’t feel any noise around you, but when you are not involved in the same activity you feel it noisy. So, it’s just happening in pickleball play. The people living in areas around the court feel it annoying.

It is a debating point now, with the fast-growing craze of pickleball, the building of new courts, replacement of tennis courts into pickleball courts, the oppositions or non-pickleball players especially those who live next to pickleball court have conflict over it.

Let’s discuss the criticism from the public, the reason for loudness, and solutions about it. Keep reading to know the controversial approach to the noise of pickleball.

Reason for Pickleball Sound

The game is noisy because of the paddle, the paddle used in this play makes the noise when a player hits the ball. Its noise is like clack! Clack Clack!

Some feel this sounds good, otherwise mostly feel irritated. The pickleball association should work upon it.

Does pickleball produce intensely loud sounds?

Expertise says, pickleball does not produce an intense sound, a rough appraisal is 18 dB to 20dB. It will reach 60 to 70 decibels in calculating all the sounds during play.

Pickleball sound level checker
Pickleball sound level checker

If we compare it with our normal conversation sound, it will be probably the same.

Although the sound is not deafening or too intense, the persistency of these normal sounds annoys people.

The other factor is the noise of the players while playing pickleball. It is obvious, players come to the gaming center to enjoy their leisure time as much as possible, so screaming, hooting, shouting and gladdening consider part of the play.

Criticism about the Pickleball Irritating noise

The people seem to be disturbed and disappointed because of the pickleball play. Here, we will get to know about people’s argumentative views.

Some views are mournful as it is genuinely problematic. But some comments are hilarious about it.

An unknown-aged tennis player’s views about the noise are, it’s like that we are listening to Clydesdale horse on a wood floor, he also said that its sounds resemble Irish clog dancers.

The other whimsical one; the sound is like the players dug their grandkid’s toy chest.

Another anonymous said, every morning we have to listen the swack of stupid Wiffle ball.

I have heard some people saying that they are suffering pathetically weird situations.

They ask that should they leave the homes or sell them?

Daily grind makes them irritated. The peoples are enough disappointed that, they start weeping during discussion regarding this issue. They even complain about it.

Solutions For Pickleball Noise Problem

To overcome the issues regarding noise complaints, companies are working best to develop soundless paddles and balls.

Adding Acoustifence around the court is also a good choice.

Use of Quiet Pickleball Balls in Pickleball Play

The use of rubber balls or covering Wiffle ball with soundproof material may help to reduce the ball’s sound while hitting.

If the new forms of pickleball balls manufacture, then these balls should less expensive and reliable so, it becomes easy to change the ball.

Use of Quiet Pickleball Paddles in Pickleball Play

Too many quiet pickleball paddles manufacture for this purpose. The paddles cover with soundproof material and reduce the sound up to 50%.

These paddles are a good invention in pickleball life, they should make it cheap and reliable, so everyone can change their paddles.

Adding Acoustifence / Sound Blocking Material Around the Court

Installing Acoustifence around the pickleball court to minimize the sound going out can be a good choice.

Fencing by this material or any sound blocking material around the perimeter of your court, work its best to control sounds, avoid UV radiation, and looks good too.

It will provide a peaceful experience to the owner and community.

The Use of Indoor Pickleball Balls For Playing Outdoor

If outdoor courts are causing noise complaints, then you may use indoor balls to play an outdoor game.

There will be a favorable decrease in noise, as these balls are softer. Still, it’s not a convenient solution to this problem, because softer balls are not reliable to play outdoor.

Location/Orientation of the Court Away from Residence

Other solution to pickleball noise problem is orienting or locating the courts where there is no residence.

Overall, it’s a notable point and need to be consider by pickleball association. It is our moral duty to keep humanity’s concerns in mind and don’t annoy them with our activity, so we should select a convenient site for the play.

While allocating the pickleball courts, hire the acoustical engineer so that you select the best location.

The general recommendation is the placement of pickleball courts within the 500 -600 feet range of residence and the places which are noise sensitives like hospitals.

Final Thoughts On Pickleball Noise Issues

Pickleball paddles make noise while playing the game that annoys spectators and neighboring people, but it doesn’t bother players. As we know, when something gets renowned or famous, there are obstacles too.

To prevent from pickleball noise issues, the pickleball association is working its best. They may orient the courts at places where the neighbors might not disturb, making the noiseless paddles, quiet pickleball balls, and adding Acoustifence around the court to keep the sound inside the court.

To end up discussion, we can say that pickleball courts should not be built at domestic sites. The recreation centers, playing clubs, or gyms for the pickleball courts, should be constructed in a separate area.

The soundless balls and paddles consider a good option if they make at an affordable price for all and reliable.

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  1. Hi. We recently used a Wilson Starter Foam ball at a local senior center pickleball court on an early Saturday morning. Although not a pickleball, we played some single matches and were able to practice our strikes with no noise. We had fun. Manufactures should make new foam balls the size of a pickleball that travels as far. There is a story out today, Oct 18, 2022, titled “Battle over pickleball court Walnut Creek neighborhood” that talks about neighbors complaining about the noise.


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