Pickleball Hitting Techniques – [Amazing Tips & Tricks]

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To become professional in any sport, you have to learn the tips and techniques and practice them as much as possible. Pickleball is one of the simplest games that use a fusion of strategies and rules from badminton, tennis and table tennis. To level up from beginner to advance level player, you might need to learn the tips and strategies that make you winner.

In Pickleball hitting techniques, you will learn to make a shot at the right time and place. Some shots in pickleball are hard to adopt, the players need to know tricks to make them favorable.

The players who are enthusiastic to win the tournament will love to master their play by learning from basics to advance level techniques in pickleball. Here, we will direct the players comprehensively about pickleball hitting strategies for singles and double matches.

How to Hit a Pickleball?Hitting Techniques for Singles and Doubles Matches

Pickleball is a game for single and double players matches. Some pickleball techniques are similar, which are helpful for single and double players. But some strategies vary from the number of players and define both situations distinctly.

Following are detailed and separate strategies descriptions for singles and doubles matches in pickleball for your better understanding to maintain and improve your game:

Hitting Strategies for Singles Matches

If we talk about singles and doubles matches, the most demanding among them are singles.

The player’s physique and fitness matter a lot in these matches as there is no partner to help.

In singles matches, a player should have confidence and wisdom, as he has to encounter his opponent alone.

Pickleball Single Match

To cope with this situation, there are some techniques mentioned below:

1. Well Carried Out Pickleball Deep Serve

It is a mind game; player need to have strong decision-making power.

In singles, the player should carry out a deep serve on the weak side of the opponent, and then immediately move towards the ready position.

To make the serve well, swing the paddle slowly towards high and clear the net with a topspin.

Do you want to know the difference between short serve vs deep serve?

Here is the difference:

Short Serve vs Deep Serve

2. Manage to adopt Deep Return

A player should try to hit a deep return.

Deep return is a shot that is played by a player from baseline to pass the ball to its opponent near to or inside his baseline.

A player should carry a paddle from lower to throughout his body with a forceful hit. In this regard, players hope for a hike by the challenger.

3. Cut Down Angle Options for Opponent

After performing a well solid deep return, the player can come to the net to cut down the margin of a shot of its opponent.

To adopt this strategy, you should move forward while hitting the shot, lastly served by your opponent to you.

Soon after, you will run towards the non-volley zone line. It will help you to cut down angle options for your opponent to dodge you with his next shot.

Hitting Strategies for Doubles Matches

The more amusing and recreational play is about to begin. Remember that communication and teamwork matter a lot in doubles matches.

Reliable communication will help you to figure out the weak points of the opponent and to perform shots, line calls, and drops well.

The opponents’ way of playing, in what part he is taking more interest, whether taking interest in shots, line calls or other factors need to be observed attentively.

Pickleball Double Match

The attention to your opponent matters a lot, you should make your decisions according to his style and priorities. Think immediately and give a quick response.

1. Groundstrokes

You don’t need to make these shots often, but for some specific movements.

Like, you are standing at midcourt and want to return the pickleball ball in square, forehand groundstroke will be helpful.

For the said purpose, you will use your dominant hand.

While making this kind of move, your body should be transitioning. Start it by shuffling.

If you prefer to swing before setting up feet, then you will lose your balance.

Keep your weight slightly forward so that you will easily take a side step or shuffle over.

Don’t move your paddle, only shuffle over and then swing.

When you hit the pickleball ball, you should transfer weight from back to front by stepping forward and lifting your dominant feet slightly up from the ground.

These postures will help you to maintain control over the ball and get it lower as you need.

2. Volleying

To play a shot before bouncing the ball (mean hitting the ball in the air) knows as volleying in Pickleball.

It is one of the easiest shots but needs your concentration with precise usage of pickleball paddle.

The paddle’s middle uses to hit volley shot. You should less swing the paddle and hit the ball in the middle of the paddle.

While playing this shot, keep your eyes on the ball, and the paddle should be in the ready and straight position when the ball comes towards you.

For this shot, a player should stay low by bending knees and lowering eyes.

Keep volleys low in pickleball
Image Credit: Pickleball Channel

The travelling of the ball depends on the force and grip of the paddle. If a player uses more power with a firm grip for hitting the ball, the ball will cover more distance.

On the other hand, if you grip softly and hit the ball with less force, its journey will be short.

The best technique of this shot is to control ball speed either for attack or to defend to engage your opponent by accessing every part of his court.

3. Lob shots

Basically, a lob shot in Pickleball is a very high floated shot that a player should strike with an open paddle face.

In this, the ball gets over the heads and climb from the baselines.

By making a defensive lob shot, you seek the time to get yourself ready for the next shot as it takes time in the air.

If you play an offensive lob shot, it will make your competitor compelled to leave the kitchen or non-volley zone.

Pickleball Lob Shot

The perfect execution of a lob shot will lead your team to the winning position.

Can You Hit Pickleball with Your Hand?

It’s a pretty exciting and valid question. Is it possible to hit the Pickleball with your hand?

No, it’s against the rules and regulations of Pickleball. You cannot beat the ball with your hand. It’s a fault, and you know, defects in Pickleball cannot be overruled or ignored.

You will be amazed to know that, Pickleball must not touch any other part of your body.

Now, the additional concern of many players is that “Is it legal to hit the ball with a paddle hand placed below your wrist?”

Yes! It might happen unintentionally too. Nothing is illegal, but it is a fault if the ball touches your body.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Hitting Techniques

You may get confused by learning these Pickleball hitting techniques, but these are a fundamental part of learning pickleball. Summarizing the discussion in a few lines, firstly be patient while learning the rules and techniques, and don’t be exhausted. Use the right tools that comfort you and make it convenient for yourself.

Sharply or attentively observe the opponent’s style and shots make the selection after figuring out his activities. It’s a mind game, make a quick decision and be confident. Practice again and again; these mentioned techniques will not let you down.

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