Equipment Needed For Pickleball

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Every game requires specific equipment, for instance; cricket requires a bat, balls, wickets and special clothing. Likewise, pickleball players have inclination towards searching and using the best equipment and demand some specific tools to play in different situation. Some equipment is mandatory others are optional. In tournaments, optional pieces of equipment also come on the mandatory list.

In this article, I will guide you about what equipment are needed for pickleball? We researched a lot on accessories, clothing, and court essentials that we will thoroughly discuss here.

What Equipments are needed to play pickleball

Essential Pickleball Equipment’s

In this list of equipment, we will enlist the mandatory tools without them game you can’t play the game. These are

  1. Pickleball paddles
  2. Pickleballs (For both indoors and outdoors)
  3. The court with marked dimensions.
  4. Net

Pickleball Paddles

Everyone know that pickleball is a paddle sport. How can Pickleball be played without a paddle?

So, it’s mandatory to have a paddle, but what type of paddle the player prefer is optional.

Remember, you must choose the paddle that works best for your grip size and comfort. So, the length, weight, materials and cost matter a lot.

Pickleball Balls

Pickleballs are one of the necessary tools of play.  It is different from other balls, you cannot play Pickleball with any other ball. It has some specifications, like perforated holes distributed evenly.

Even the pickleball used in outdoor play and indoor play has variations. Indoor balls are light and soft and possess very few holes while outdoor balls are hard to bear wind or other weather conditions.

Pickleball Net

When you approach a pickleball court, you will find the net surely. In case, you are going to the tennis court to play pickleball or going to convert tennis court to play.

You will need to adjust the net or alter it, as tennis net is not an appropriate option to consider.

Here, the pinpoint is pickleball net is 2 inches lower than the tennis net.

The Court With Marked Dimensions

Undeniably, playing court is the most essential part of the game. Without the court, the game is impossible.

So, here is what the marked dimensions mean?

Pickleball plays on the court on which specific lines are made with certain dimensions.

In a pickleball court, the constructers make permanent lines. If you are converting a tennis court or going to play on it, you may make temporary lines on it.

The missing point is dimensions, pickleball court has some specifications like it should be 20 feet wider and 44 feet longer or deeper. Must have lines and other related necessaries like the net.

Clothing for Pickleball Players

Have you seen sports dresses are different from other casual dresses? You have to wear some comfortable dresses even if you have no dress code or it’s just casual play.

There are a few differences in dress codes of females and males, here I will discuss them shortly. 

In this regard for a detailed discussion about suitable attire, you must go through my article” What to Wear for Pickleball“? There is an extensive discussion about clothing.


To play pickleball, choose an outfit that is comfortable for you. There are no restrictions on dress codes but in tournaments.

Sports dresses are usually the same for both genders. Remember, just don’t let your clothing become a reason for failure.


Men can wear shorts, sweat pants or any bottom that favors them to move easily. To me, shorts are the best choice to consider. Shorts do not restrict mobility in any way.

For girls, I recommend leggings, tights, skirts or shorts. You should focus on comfort in movement. The dress in which you can move better is probably the best sports outfit for you.

Bras for Sports

Every female will agree that bras of different styles may cause discomfort. Specially, you may have sweating that will irritate you to great extent.

To help you out, sports bras containing removable pads are available in market now.

Pickleball Shoes

The pickleball shoes must be able to provide safety from injuries.

As you know, playing pickleball requires quick response and back and forth motion, so the shoes must be stable and comfortable to allow you.

Keep in mind that indoor pickleball shoes are designed differently from outdoor pickleball shoes.

Pickleball Accessories

While discussing what equipment are needed for pickleball, we cannot neglect accessories that are optional but somehow essential.

According to my own experience, in the beginning, I did not carry accessories like bags, ball hoppers, paddle covers, gloves, eyewear, sweatbands etc.

I thought that these things might increase the burden and prove to be useless in the court. Some of my seniors suggested and explained the benefits of carrying accessories.

Later, I started following his suggestion and believe me it is really helpful not only inside but also outside.

Paddle Covers

An accessory like a paddle cover is considered extra, but when you’ve it you will admire its importance.

After keeping the paddle cover with my paddle, it has enhanced the life span of this tool by protecting it from scratches.

I will highly recommend focusing on accessories too if you can manage to have them.

Sports Bags

You can have a backpack, sling bag or duffel bag with you to keep your accessories. It will help you to protect your types of equipment and keep them safe from loss.

The gloves, covers, tape, water bottles are kept in bags. Sometimes, it is disastrous for you to have no accessories or bag.

Ball Hoppers

Ball hoppers are designed to keep the ball while not in use. Like paddle holders, ball hoppers also protect the equipment when you are waiting for your turn.

One ball hopper has a capacity of almost 50 balls. Keep your ball safe for a longer lifespan.

Eye Wears

Eyes are a blessing and protecting them in play is the most important factor to consider. You don’t have to protect your eyes only from the sun, but also from sudden injuries. I

 have seen special kinds of glasses/goggles in the sports market that made for sports players that are scratch-resistant.

Court Line Tape

Court tape matters in case you are going to play on the tennis court. To make your tennis court compatible with playing pickleball, you have to keep tape with you to mark the dimensions.

The court line tape is not much expensive, it’s probably the best option in my view.


The hat/cap doesn’t only protect the head, it provides shelter to the eyes too. The players playing pickleball outdoor should buy a cap/ hat of their size.

The cap should be fixed or perfect for your head, otherwise, adjustment issues will create distractions.

Pickleball Braces and Supports

To protect yourselves from injuries and scratches, braces and supports works best. Braces and supports provide cushions to knee and elbow joints (for our favorite elbow supports, read here).

The joint injuries are long-lasting and worse, so it’s necessary to protect yourself from these accidents.

In pickleball, we move here and others quickly so we must be prepared for sudden injuries.

Pickleball Sweatbands

Wrist and forehead sweatbands play an important role. During game, we suffer from sweating from head towards eyes and arms/wrists towards palms.

This creates hurdles and lessens focus, therefore, forehead and wrist sweatbands absorb sweat and players can play easily.

Pickleball Paddle Holder/Rack

Owing to less courts around, the players have to wait for their turn. The paddle holders keep paddles while waiting.

Pop Up Targets

Have you listened to practice makes men perfect, like this I would say that practice makes a player perfect?

Pop up targets are made for practicing pickleball and improving accuracy and precision.

By attaching pickleball pop up targets to the net, we can improve serves and returns. These are attached right above the net by Velcro straps.

Sports Water Bottles

When we play pickleball, our calories are burnt and suffered from extra-sweating.

To deal with these scenarios, we use to take water and this can only happen because of keeping sports water bottle with us.

Sport First Aid Kit

Just a few people think about it, but it’s essential to a great extent. You may get small wounds, scratches or sudden injuries while playing the game.

In this case, the players must have an immediate solution; so that rhythm of the game maintains.

Referee Scoreboard

For keeping track of the score, you must have a scoreboard. There is the rule to call out the score before serving but sometimes it’s not clear to hearken.

Without tracking scores, the players may confuse and audiences cannot enjoy the overall game.

Referee Whistle

A referee whistle is a tool for getting the attention of the players and scorekeepers. A Whistle should be kept that has a clear and loud sound so that everyone on the court gets attentive to the referee.

Referee Shirts

The arbitrator must wear a bright, unique and fit t-shirt that sets him apart from other members of the court. The USAPA pickleball Officials have designed referee t-shirts that are dry and fit.

 But these shirts are only available for certified members of USAPA pickleball officials.

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