Pickleball Drills For 3 Players: Master the Art of Trio Play

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Never rely upon the limited skill set. Rather try to expand your visions and skills to get a genuine outgrowth in any aspect of life.

Exactly, following the above statement, to enjoy a competitive victory in pickleball, you should improve your drills. That is why we went for in-depth research on the Pickleball drills for 3 players.

Among them, our expert team chose the best ones and we practiced them ourselves to provide you with a real information guide.

3 Best Pickleball Drills For 3 Players

Pickleball drills for 3 players

There is obviously a long list of pickleball drills to practice. But I went to experience them all to choose the best 3 among them for you.

These three best pickleball drills are described thoroughly in the given section.

1. Focus on the Drop Shots

I suggest you never miss the drop shots.

Yes! You heard it right. Now let us understand it with a bit of clarification.

In this type of drill, basically, the baseline player plays drop shots.

He or she even changes the shots from the cross-court to down the line. They continue doing it until they make a fault. If they do, then you definitely win a score depending on the rules.

However, in this drill, you can also hit the ball a bit higher above the net.

Drop Shot

But you should keep in mind not to let the ball fly too much. Because doing this can make your opponents at the kitchen line block the ball conveniently.

The two players at the non-volley zone have to keep the ball in the half of your court. They are also not even allowed to make drop shots on your side to force you to run in.

But they have a complete right to take some deep shots. In this way, making it challenging for the opponent to return the ball accurately.

All in all, this pickleball drill teaches us that whenever your opponent makes a drop shot, then you should take it.

While doing so, you should not leave the shot at a comparatively close level to the net. Otherwise, your opponent can make you lose the score. You can comfortably master this drill by practicing it daily.

Pro-tip to Make the Play Competitive:

Besides the scenario of this whole drill, you have a better chance to make the play as competitive as possible.

You can do it comfortably by keeping a record of the number of times with which you hit the ball from the baseline. Also, follow the following strategies:

  • Try to make the shot in such a way that it remains inbounds.
  • The 2 players at the kitchen line will make the opponent back by making some deep shots on half of their courts.

2. Drive Reset Drill

Now comes the second-best pickleball drill, which we call to drive to reset.

Here basically, the driver has to arrange the cross-court according to the resetor. However, the resetor has to be set up in the non-volley zone area. At the same time, the net player has to arrange across the resetor.

Below we will look at the duty of each of these 3 pickle ballers.

  • The duty of a pickleball driver is to make hard yet accurate shots. Now the way of making this shot is up to the player. The one I recommend is the topspin by moving the paddle from the low to the upper side.
  • When we talk about the resetter’s duty, then he/she has to catch the ball at the front side. They do so to make the ball fall in the non-volley zone.
  • The 3 players have to keep the ball in play for up to 3 drills from the baseline. Then they have to shuffle their positions in a clockwise direction.
  • However, the duty of a net player is to drive the ball if it is higher above the net. In contrast, he/she has to dink the ball if it is lower than the net.
  • The resetor restarts the play by hitting a deep shot to the baseline player. Then the play moves on according to the same rule.

3. 32 Up Back Play

Finally, we reached the third-best pickleball drill.

So here, the up player starts the play, and he/she has the authority to use the half side of the court.

The up player alternates his/her position from the left to the right side & vice versa.

The up player has to hit deep cross-court shots, preferably targeting the foot of the opponents so that the opponents can’t reach the up player.

The bounce player in the kitchen area must win 3 points before the back baseline player makes 2.

The baseline player at the back side mostly makes third-shot drops. However, the two players at the non-volley zone then communicate to settle up the game further. In this way, they can do a type of patch-up and continue the game peacefully.

While doing this drill, you should keep in mind that the up player can use only half-court and then continue the play by shifting from left to right & vice versa.

But the two players in the non-volley zone can’t change their positions. Therefore, they have to keep playing from their respective sides. However, these three players can shuffle after completing a game.

The 32-up-back play runs fastly and finally approaches its end. But it is totally dependent on you whether you want to follow a 3 to 2 ratio of 6 to 4 or 9 to 6 etc.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Drills for 3 Players

There can be more or less than 3 best pickleball drills. But as per my experience, I choose the best 3 among the lengthy list of pickleball drills. So, by following the drop shot focusing, drive rest and the 32 up back play, you can master your pickleball.

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