How To Hit Pickleball Harder (8 Easy Tips)

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Hitting the ball hard in pickleball can sometimes be a challenge for players. It can result in the ball hitting the net or even cause pop-ups. It is a tricky sport which means every step should be taken carefully.

There are some tricks and techniques which can help players, beginners and experienced, hit the pickleball harder without any risks of disturbing the whole move.

Get ready and get on the court now because we have listed all the basic rules of hitting the pickleball harder. These important techniques will not even empower the move but also weaken the next shot of your opponent.

Tips to Hit Pickleball Harder

Hitting the Pickleball hard can be both easy and a little tricky to learn. If you are an experienced player, there are very few changes you need to make.

For instance, these tips listed below will be a big help if followed accordingly:

1. Engage Your Body

Most players, while hitting the ball, only move their dominant shoulder which can make the movement smaller.

What you want to do instead is to move your non-dominant shoulder as well as turn your body with the whole move which will add extra energy to the serve and help you hit the ball harder.

Find your pace in the game, practice it and stick to it for your efforts to see the light.

Basically, just let your legs and core go with the move, that’s what the real advice is.

Engagement of the body is important as stated above, but it’s also a silly little excuse for you to have your workout in check by engaging your whole body in the game.

2. Find Your Ideal Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddle

The next tip for you all athletes will be to find your ideal pickleball paddle. A paddle can make a huge difference in the game.

Heavy paddles are a big no-go as they give the players low to zero control on their move.

So, the lighter your paddle will be, the more power and control you will have on your serves.

The most common pickleball paddles weigh around 6.5 to 9.5 oz (185-270 g).

Always make sure to check the weight of your paddle before playing, they can be the cause of the problem too. Check before buying and check the ones you have right now as well.

3. Learn The Forehand Top spins

Forehand top-spin is when the ball swivels by itself. If you are not aware of top spins and how to establish them, you will need some practice before perfecting them.

Usually, a topspin is made by clipping the wrist up when you are making contact with the ball.

Forehand Drive
Forehand Drive

There are some basic topspin rules that one must understand to ace them, which we will let you know in no time.

  • The first rule will be to adjust the grip on the paddle. You do it by laying the paddle down on the ground and picking it up to determine the right grip.
  • During the game, hold the paddle with a hammer grip and turn it 90 degrees with your off-hand. Just like how one holds a frying pan.
  • To have the proper angle, make sure to have your wrist cracked back.
  • For an extra point, always make sure to get your weight moving forward instead of backward.

You will need a little practice but, in the end, it will be all worth it because you will be able to ace your shots in the next game.

4. Learn when to hit the ball hard and when to hit it soft

This particular tip is crucial in the game because it gives the players control over their moves.

So how to know when to hit the ball hard and when to keep the move soft? It’s quite simple actually, I’ll let you know all about it.

  • Hit the ball hard when you want your opponent to stay at the back and on the defense.
  • Hit it soft when the opponent is coming at you with hard serves. This will give you a big chance of gaining control of the game.

The science of these tips can be a little tricky but you’ll learn with practice and following all the necessary rules correctly.

5. The Less You Swing Your Back The Better

Another tip in this list will be based on your movement and how you should avoid the backswing going anywhere further than your side.

Make sure your forehand drive is compact. The way to complete this move is to make a small backward C-motion. By doing this, you’ll be able to come around the ball easily.

6. Maintain Your Balance

Maintaining balance is the key point of any sport out there. In pickleball, make sure to step in when you’re hitting a forehand.

If you prefer hitting an open stance, make sure you’re standing wide with your leg balanced on the ground. 

7. Need Practice

This step is essential just as the 6 tips written above. We can only tell you what to do, you’re the one that has to play the game and ace it.

So, practice as much as you can. It is the powerful weapon that will help you the most.

Practice what you learn as much as you can. It has no cons whatsoever and will only benefit you in plenty of ways. You will learn new things about yourself and your ability to hit and play in every move.

Practice only brings improvement, gear up right now, pick up the ball and the paddle, and practice what you’ve learned from this article to see quick results.

8. Have Fun and Relax

This one is for sure the most important tip and suggested by every intellectual that lived in the sports world. Any game can be aggravating on any day for anyone and stressing about it will only make it worse.

Let loose, enjoy what you’re doing, relax and have fun. It’s the only way you’ll be able to annihilate and then overcome all the little annoying difficulties popping up in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Pickleball Paddle Affect Hitting The Ball Harder?

Yes. Because a lighter paddle can provide good control for hitting the ball harder. A heavier paddle is good for hitting the ball with ample power.

How To Hit A Harder Pickle Ball Serve?

It is easy. All you need is to keep the ball in a lower position and then, using the topspin, hit the ball harder. But it would help if you did not hit the ball vertically upwardly.

Final Thoughts On How To Hit Pickleball Harder

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Follow all the quick little techniques mentioned above to ace your hitting pickleball harder game asap. Also learn more tricks and shots in pickleball as well, for instance, learn how to keep the ball low in pickleball. Remember to take a chill pill and practice hard to see results in the court. Always give yourself time so you can whip your opponent up and crush the game.

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