How To Find Pickleball Courts Near Me?

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If it’s your first ever pickleball journey then you may find difficulty in finding the best pickleball places near you. In this scenario, we are here to help you by providing the 3 best ways to find the pickleball courts near you.

4 Best Ways How to Find Pickleball Courts Near Me

The 3 best ways to find a pickleball court near you are the Places2Play app, local ambassadors, and joining the pickleball Facebook groups.

Having these in mind, let’s know these ways in detail.

1. Find a Pickleball Court Through the USAPA Smartphone App

Although there are multiple ways to find the pickleball courts near you, still an amazing and convenient way of finding the pickleball court is through the USAPA smartphone app i.e: ‘Places2Play”.

Places2Play App

Most importantly it does not have any hard and fast rules to use. Meanwhile, you should keep in mind that this app is usable and available only on iPhones.

So, let us see how you can benefit from the Places2Play app of USAPA to find the pickleball courts near you.

Download the USAPA ”Places2Play” App From the Apple App Store

  • Go to the Apple App Store on your phone and search for the ”Places2Play” app. Simply download it by clicking the ”Install” button.
  • After successfully downloading it, you have to verify your number. And that is all. 
  • Once the app has been launched, it will automatically start showing the locations near you to play pickleball. It does so only if you have enabled the GPS location.
USAPA Places2Play Pickleball

However, if you don’t want the app to know your location, you can simply enter your desired location and zip code in the upper search bar of the app. Then it will start suggesting the places available to play pickleball near you without using your GPS.

Go through the USAPA Icons

Now it’s time to look ahead to know the icons of the USAPA Places2Play smartphone app to use it more effectively.

First of all, at the top right you get to see some blue, red, and orange icons.

  • The blue icon means that the court is both indoor and outdoor.
  • The red icon means that the pickleball court is for indoor play.
  • On the other hand, the orange icon means the outdoor court for pickleball.

If you focus a bit then you will also see a grey icon along with the other 3 icons. This grey icon shows you information about the weather. Like it let you know the direction and condition of the wind.

Places2Play App Icons

Moreover, in the Places2Play app, there is a regular icon. It means the location where you can play pickleball free of cost. However, it may sometimes look for donations.

Besides this icon, there is an icon with a padlock. This icon shows you the private locations available for playing pickleball.

You get to see an icon with a dollar sign as well. From its sign, you can guess that it means the location which requires money to play pickleball.

Find a Location to Play a Pickleball Game

Since you are all set regarding the Places2Play app, now you can easily find the locations and their information.

For it, you must turn on the GPS location or you can do it by using the zip code and area names. 

For example, the cost, owner name, and other basic information regarding the pickleball court.  You can know the details by simply tapping the bottom of the app’s screen.

Places2Play App Filter Options

Get More From the Filter Option

The filter section in the Places2Play app helps you specify your research. You can use it to remove the things you don’t want. And hence the app will not show them. 

For instance, if you want to play just outdoors and enjoy the wind, then you can filter the indoor option. Filtering it will let the app show you just outdoor courts available to play pickleball near you.

2. Places 2 Play Website

Are you looking for places to play pickleball near your location?

If yes, then the Places 2 Play website or app can meet your needs. Because USA Pickleball has specifically launched this website & app to help pickleball fans find the pickleball places near them. So if you grant it access to your location, it shows you various places to play pickleball.

They have around 40,000 members and 1900+ ambassadors, who leave no stone unturned in updating the website regularly with the latest information.

3. Join Facebook Groups

Another easiest method of how to find a pickleball court near you is the Facebook groups.

In these groups, you can inquire about the pickleball locations by just posting.

There are pickleball passionates from a wide variety of nationalities. Therefore, pickleball Facebook groups can prove helpful even if you don’t have any location mates. 

Pickleball Forum is the largest pickleball group with over 83000+ members (2023).

4. Arrange a Meetup with a Local Ambassador

A useful way is meeting with your local pickleball ambassadors even if you have used the Places2Play app for finding the location.

Accordingly, USAPA is the largest organization for arranging and promoting pickleball throughout the United States and around the world as well.

Therefore, they don’t leave any stone unturned to make it as much well-recognized as possible.

Thus, it has appointed ambassadorship to some pickleball enthusiasts within a local place.

It is where you can go and meet the local ambassadors regarding the pickleball available location near you.

They will let you the locations in detail and can also support you throughout the process.

From here you can find the Pickleball Local Ambassadors.

4. Your Local Community Center (YMCA)

Besides the importance of the various pickleball place-finding sources, I suggest you manually search for the pickleball places on any search engine. You can do it easily by typing the ”Pickleball Places Near Me”.

But irrespective of my recommendation, the last source to discuss for finding the pickleball location near you is your ”Local Community Center”.

These centers provide good opportunities for playing pickleball in your free time. You can contact them and ask if they offer any slots for pickleball. Then go and make a name in pickleball there.

Getting Ready For Your First Pickleball Play

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to meet with other pickleball players for the first time.

But since pickleball is a team play, everyone is so kind and supportive. Therefore, you don’t need to get nervous. Moreover, you can also visit the locations with your friend to have a more enjoyable experience.

Final Thoughts: Where to Play Pickleball Near Me

Irrespective of your locality, you can easily find pickleball locations near you through the Places2Play app, pickleball ambassadors, or Facebook groups. No matter which option you choose, these are going to prove fruitful for you.

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