How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle?

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Do you want to increase the life of your pickleball paddle? If yes, then you will get good help from this article.

Here we have gathered the 4 best methods of pickleball maintenance to help you get a durable paddle. Just go ahead and ensure the proper condition of your pickleball paddle.

4 Best Methods of Pickleball Paddle Maintenance

You can maintain a pickleball paddle by cleaning it after every use, storing it in a safe place, taking care of its handle, and using it for just pickleball.

Here are these 4 methods described in detail.

1. Store the Paddle in a Safe Place

The first essential tip for your pickleball paddle maintenance is to keep it in a safe place; where the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

Because the high temperatures cause the object’s material to scratch away. Similarly, too cold may become the reason for the brittleness of your paddle.

In the same way, you should choose a place that has no nails, pins, or any other sticky things. They obviously ruin the external part of your pickleball paddle.

2. Look After the Grip

To maintain the paddle of pickleball, it is crucial to take care of its most important part; the handle.

Whenever you end a play, there are so many germs of your sweat stuck to the handle. They in turn cause bacterial diseases.

That is why to avoid any health issues and keep the paddles in a good state, you should need to focus on cleaning the handle.

Accordingly, wipe the handle with a wet cloth and then keep it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent its contact with moisture.

You can change the overgrip as well to ensure the cleanliness of the handle.

3. Clean the Paddle Regularly

It is an utmost important step in the maintenance of the pickleball paddle. For cleaning, you can use a magic eraser, a wet smooth cloth, and a glass cleaner as well.

I would recommend you first remove away the dust from the paddle with the magic eraser. Then wipe the paddle gently using a wet smooth cloth.

Pickleball Paddle Cleaning

Once it is cleaned, leave it in either a closed mesh bag or in a place where it can dry out. Throughout the cleaning process, remember to not scrub the paddle.

4. Limit the Paddles to Just Pickleball

The paddles are specifically designed to play pickleball. I mean to say that they are made by keeping the pickleball perspectives in mind and hence not manufactured for the other sports.

So having it in mind, you should use the paddles just for pickleball and never make the other hard balls contact with them.

Besides it, it would help if you avoid colliding the paddles as much as possible.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle?

From this pickleball maintenance guide, you get to learn that for a long-lasting pickleball paddle clean it after every use, keep it in a safe place away from any sharp tools and also replace the over grip.

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