How To Clean A Pickleball Court – (Water Removal Techniques)

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Every court of a sport needs cleaning and has a different way to maintain them. So how to clean a pickleball court correctly?

If you’re confused about pickleball, you don’t need to worry because I’ve listed all the basic requirements and methods of cleaning a pickleball court.

As a pro pickleball player, I’ve had to clean the court multiple times. I will let you know how you can do it in the right way in no time.

Equipment Required to Clean a Pickleball Court

You can’t clean something without the correct type of equipment, right?

Take a look at what you’ll need to gather before starting the cleaning process.

  • A broom – broom is the first requirement on the list. One will need toff sweep off the unnecessary garbage, dust, and leaves that get on the court to play a game without facing difficulties.
  • A water broom/water sweeper – if you are new to the cleaning equipment and have no idea what a water broom is, then no worries; what am I here for? A water broom is a wiper with water stored in it. It comes in handy in cleaning everything. Grab one quickly if you want your pickleball court squeaky clean.
  • Bleach is required to clean the stubborn dust stick to the court. Without it, removing the mud can be challenging for you.
  • Scrub – the court will need scrubbing if you clean the court using bleach.
  • Duster – last but not least, a duster will also help you take the dust off the court if you’re in the mood for an instant sweep instead of long runs of water sweeping.

After reading the mentioned, it’s pretty clear how to clean the court, but if you want to know bit by bit instructions, I’ll write them down for you as well:

  1. Sweep the court with the broom and take all the garbage out
  2. Mix two parts bleach and 1 part water and pour it all over the court; make sure the bleach is everywhere
  3. The next step will be to scrub all parts of the court
  4. Sweep it with the water broom making sure all the bleach i
  5. Dry the court ideally before starting your next game

How to Dry Pickleball Court?

After washing the court or if it rained that day, drying it is an essential step. And yes, there is a correct way to do it. Let’s break it down.

1. A shad carpet – you can use a shad carpet to dry a court. You need a long piece of wood in the centre and a rope connected to a hook. Drag it over the wet parts of the court. After doing so, the court will dry more quickly. The estimated time of the drying process after the dragging is upmost at 20 minutes, which is quicker than the normal drying processes.

2. A roller – using a shad carpet to dry the court requires all your energy. How will you play pickleball if you have no power left? So for your ease, another technique that I will introduce is using a roller. All you need to do is push it around and squeeze the water off the court.

Drying Pickleball Court With Roller

3. A turner dry squeegee – last but not least, a turner dry squeegee, generally known as a squeegee, is also used frequently in drying pickleball courts. So what is a squeegee? It is built similar to a wiper with wheels attached. The blade is concave to push and store the water off the court.

There are more modern and less time-consuming equipment that players use, but they are expensive, so players tend to stick to these above cheaper and affordable tricks to dry their court.

Final Thoughts On How To Clean a Pickleball Court

As much as a good game and performance matter, it is not enough if you aren’t maintaining and keeping your court up to date. There are many ways of cleaning, and I’ve listed some of them (the easier ones) above and hopefully solved your question of how to clean the pickleball court without any complications. Bring out your equipment and keep your performance and court squeaky clean. All the best!

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