How to Choose a Ball For Pickleball?

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Choosing balls for pickleball can be challenging!

Yes, because generally all types of pickleballs are made of somewhat lightweight plastic but there is a wide range of balls depending on the type of play. That is why beginners get confused and hence make a wrong decision. But since a ball is an essential requirement for pickleball, you must be careful when choosing it.

Having it in mind, let us know how you can easily select a pickleball ball. You can easily do so by knowing what to consider before purchasing a ball for pickleball.

How to Choose a Pickleball Ball

What to Consider Before Buying a Pickleball Ball

Choosing a ball for Pickleball is as important as choosing a paddle for Pickleball.

It entirely depends on you to select which type of pickleball because who knows whether you like indoor or outdoor pickleball.

That is why you can choose any ball according to your preferences without any restriction.

According to indoor and outdoor pickleball we can say that there are 2 significant factors that you need to consider before purchasing a pickleball.

Indoor and outdoor balls

Both of these have been explained below.

How to Choose a Pickleball Ball For Outdoor Play?

It would be best to choose a ball with numerous holes to play outdoor pickleball.

Accordingly, you must select a ball containing about 40 holes.

The outdoor ball is comparatively harder than the indoor ball. The reason for its hardness is to make it fly as fast as possible. Its diameter is around 2.9 inches.

However, a beginner can also use an indoor ball for outdoor play. The reason is the slow travel of the ball outside to provide a better experience for beginners.

Outdoor ball

How to Choose a Pickleball Ball For Indoor Play?

Regarding indoor pickleball, its balls are softer compared to outdoor balls. Similarly, these balls have about 26 holes and are a bit larger as well.

So, the indoor balls for pickleball are less than the outdoor balls.

When you hold an indoor ball, you will know the difference in its comfort material. It is comfy to hold in hand and can even be compressed efficiently.

Moreover, the outdoor balls have a diameter of about 2.8 inches.

Indoor Ball

Final Thoughts: How to Select a Ball for Pickleball

The choice of the ball for pickleball entirely depends upon your playing requirement. Choose a ball with smaller and large holes if you want to play outdoors. However, for indoor play, you must look for a ball with more prominent and fewer holes.

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