How to Add Weight to a Pickleball Paddle?

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Every pickleball enthusiast like you looks for ways to make the power, stability, and balance of their shots as effective as possible. But for achieving these, you have to add weight to the paddle.

Now don’t worry about how to add weight to the pickleball paddle. Because we are here with the easiest steps for adding weight. Generally, you require a leading tape for this purpose and you are all set. Now, scroll down to know the leading tap method and its purpose in detail.

Steps to Add Weight to Pickleball Paddle

You can easily add weight to your pickleball paddle yourself even at home. So, let’s do it by following the given easiest steps.

1. First of all, you need some materials like a scissor, leading tape, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and electric tape as well.

Material to add weight to Pickleball Paddle

2. Then take out some cotton balls, and apply some rubbing alcohol on them. Now you have to clean the outer side of the paddle with this alcohol.

Apply rubbing alchol with cotton on paddle

3. Once you are done with the cleaning process, you have to cut the leading tape according to your required weight space. Then apply it on the center of the edge.

Applying leading tape on the center of the paddle

4. After it, cut the electric tape as well in dimensions enough to cover the leading tape. Apply the electric tape to cover the edge along with the leading tape completely.

Applying the electric tape on paddle

At the last, when you are all done with these three steps, check out if it’s according to your demanded weight.

However, if it’s not, then you can remove the taps and then add weight to the paddle again.

Why Should You Add Weight to a Pickleball Paddle?

Every player has his mindset of reasons to add weight to a pickleball paddle. However, we have got given four major reasons, why players go for adding weight to their paddles.

Why to add weight to a Pickleball paddle
  • Pickleball players add weight to their paddles to hold the paddle in an effective balanced way.
  • Some players add weight to decrease the chances of possible vibrations.
  • Increased steadiness is another reason for adding weight to a pickleball paddle.
  • However, mostly players add weight to the paddle to increase the whole weight. Doing this increases the power and also improves the speed of your swing.

How Much Weight is Suitable for a Pickleball Paddle?

On average, 6 to 15 ounces weight is suitable for a pickleball paddle. Choose a paddle of the right weight according to your wrists.

When using a lighter paddle, you have good control but less power. Whereas a hefty paddle increases the power but decreases the overall control of your shots.

It can still prove helpful but it may cause wrist injuries if it’s overweight for your hands.

What is a Leading Tape and What’s the Purpose of Using it?

Applying lead tape on paddle

In simple words, the leading tap is a tap used for the increment of weight in sports materials.

It is used for the following purposes.

  • Basically, the players of tennis, pickleball, and other resembling sports use a leading tap to increase the weight of their racquets or paddles.
  • You can achieve better control over your paddle by adding the leading tap to it.
  • Similarly, they use the leading tap for increasing the balance and power of their shots. For instance, you can add it to the lower side of the paddle for increasing the balance.

Final Thoughts on How to Add Weight to a Pickleball Paddle

Consequently, this was our guide on how to add weight to the pickleball paddle. Where you saw what’s a leading tap and how you can easily add weight to your pickleball paddle by using an electric tape and a leading tape.

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