How Long Does a Pickleball Game Last?

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Pickleball is replacing tennis rapidly because of the duration of the play, said by many professionals.

It’s a common question that clicks the player’s mind when he enters a playing circle, “how long does a pickleball game last?” the answer is that this game lasts between 15 to 25 minutes normally.

You probably thinking that there is difference in duration for singles and doubles; outdoor and indoor; casual and tournament-based matches.

Further reading of this article will show you the time classification and engagement considered in pickleball single, double, indoor and outdoor games. The influence of number of faults, length of rallies and skill of the players are also expounded below.

How long does a pickleball game last

How Long is a Pickleball Game in Singles v/s Doubles?

You might wonder what singles vs. doubles signify?

The singles and doubles match means a game between two players and a game between four players, respectively. So, the question is does the time varies like in Ludo when there are two players it takes less time while in four it takes a long time.

In pickleball, while playing as doubles it’s uncertain if any team or any player of one team is more skilled then the overall game will take less time and sometimes the game may take longer.

In my experience, single matches end in a short time than doubles. 

How Long Do Pickleballs Last in Outdoor v/s Indoor Play?

We use a different ball for pickleball indoor and outdoor games. Therefore, players often think that owing to the usage of the separate balls on two grounds timings may vary accordingly.

In outdoor pickleball, we have to face other elemental factors as well. Among those factors, one of the most dominant is weather conditions.

While playing in summer, we dehydrate and sluggish more quickly which makes trouble for us.

If you will ask which site is best to play, I will personally recommend playing indoors.

Sometimes, the ball we are using gets more swing due to wind conditions, I went through this trouble and lost a point because of it.

In indoor play, there is no hurdles except noise complaints. Indoor pickleball is a little bit less time-consuming than outdoor.

When the weather conditions are confined you may also find it equally time taking.

Impact of Faults and Rallies on Length of the Game

The number of faults and length of each rally in pickleball also affect the overall game length.

The abundance of faults in a play causes it to move quicker as the point is given to a non-serving team when you commit a fault.

The faults can be in any form either in making the wrong shot, hitting the volley crudely, or falsely stepping into the kitchen.

If we talk about the rally, the more rallies mean the longer game. If a team or player is consistent in maintaining a rally longer then the play will go long.

Moreover, if you are a player who likes to play short games you should avoid the application of such shots during matches.

Influence of Skills on the Game Length

The skills of the team or an individual also impact the length of the game. If one team is pro and the other is average it may take a shorter time to wind up the game.

When a team is consistent in scoring points while serving it will win, and the play will end soon.

Being a player of the game, it is good to have expertise like a professional. It will not only help you to badly engage your opponent for an easy victory but also prove beneficial to save your energy for the next matches.

I played the game with my master level friend to interpret the influence of skills on the length of the game. The opposite team was having average skills.

My partner’s shot selection, volley shots, and dinks were the best, and I participated attentively by taking the opponent’s behavior into account. The game was over in 12 minutes only.

Hence, I interpreted that playing pickleball with a skilled team is not lengthy even if we are playing it in doubles.

The Time Limits of Pickleball Tournaments

At the tournament level, every game consumes more time. Tournaments based games are somehow different from standard or casual plays.

For a competition, the players have to go through many stages like multiple rounds for entering into the semi-final and final.

There you have to encounter more rounds and more points to score, and obviously, it depends on the number of teams playing in a tournament.

According to my interpretations, the tournament-based games take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Let’s take a review about scoring in the pickleball tournaments. Each team has to win at least 2 out of 3 games by maximal scoring of 11 points.

Furthermore, in some tournament matches teams have to score about 15-21 points but it happens once in a blue moon which prolong the timing of the play/matches. 

Final Thoughts on How Long is a Pickleball Game

To sum up, we can say that people having links with various professions look at the time frame in games from a different angle. Similarly, in pickleball, it depends on the participant’s interest, whether he is playing the game for joy, maintenance of physique, as a curriculum activity, for time to pass or to move forward in the game to earn the professional tag.

Moreover, they spare time according to their mode of the game. The players who play this game at peak level are free from the time-bound and lasting of the game. He anxiously involves himself in the game to get mastery like a professional.

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