21 Funny Pickleball Memes That Will Make You Laugh

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Is Everything going much serious about pickleball play? Yes, it is! In learning process, we go through serious and confined discussions, that may let you bore.

Let’s take a short break and enjoy some pickleball memes. It will surely warm-up yourself to play again. 

During learning process, we always need to have some laughs that boost up our performance and concentration as well. So, here I am summarizing 21 funny pickleball memes with pictorial description to make you joyful during learning.

21 Hilarious Pickleball Memes

Here they are…

Ops! It’s look like someone was playing singles and the opponent pressurized a lot. But still, would say that it will not be the last time, lol.

Ahh! It feels like blessing in disguise. I remember, it happened to my friend last Friday and he gave us a small treat on it. I can understand this blissful feeling.

Alas! After getting a chance in such position, I feel like climbing mount Everest with tiny footsteps lol.

Funny! This is my friend Davis; he tries to find his pleasure in pickleball on auspicious events too. I have seen few people with that much craze.

The way he played the shot looks so hilarious lol!

Baloney! I don’t believe that people were oblivious about pickleball. When I talk to anyone about pickleball and he/she responds like ignorant, I want to fly to some other alien planet.

Hurrah! My attachment with pickleball look likes years old bonding with my soulmate and I cannot survive without her.

So true about me, in fact for my father too. While playing he never looks tired, but when comes home, he is just like he had served hard in the coal mines.

It happens when we are so addicted to the game. It’s natural, it’s just like losing a World to some players.

Boo! It was quite scary for a pickleball player to visit tennis court. It seems like asking wiffle ball player to play baseball.

Ahh! No, Pickleball is Pickleball, people having interest in tennis, after visiting and playing pickleball game once, they start playing and promoting pickleball.

Dinks…! Crosscourt dinks are too tricky, and if they go wrong, it will actually work like a lottery for opponent.

OMFG! I am laughing out loud. I play at a different facility normally only on 4.5 and above day. Once in a while I play other days and there is a guy who lobs constantly. Today he was paired with one of their best players and he said the time has come for those lobs to end and I could not stop laughing.

Hmmm! When someone name pickleball before a crazy player, he responds like offering a girl for some chocolates.

Alas! It is quite pathetic for wrong referee call despite the ball lands on line.

Playing game with tracking score too can get distracted from the game.

Exactly this happens when you cannot hide your feelings. One of my colleagues ever said, pickleball is not only a play it’s a feeling, and I actually admire it.

Expressions on the left side are so accurate as it is the worst time of getting the serve. Here I feel like I am already a loser so, what? Now, on the right side, getting the serve when your score is equal to partner and you are about to win.

Whenever, my partner guides me for something, and it helps in clinching points, he acts like he got awarded Oscar award for me.

Exactly, its seems like he is holding the pickleball paddle first time. In beginning, I also get confused between underhand and overhand serves.

Oh no! Let me say that you can’t win from your girlfriend even if you get the kitchen line first, lol.  Here, the point to of grasping is that, reaching out the kitchen line is most important to win the game, as we can score maximum at this line.

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