How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pickleball Court

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With the growing craze of pickleball, we need to build pickleball courts too. When we talk about building something, the first question that comes to mind is, how much it would cost?

For the construction of a pickleball court, many operators from municipalities or racquet clubs ask this question. The professionals, or constructors who build courts, it’s a loaded question for them.

Many of the constructors tell you the range, and others ask you about your budget and what products you want to use in your court.

Let’s talk about general estimation about how much does it cost to build a pickleball court? It costs between 25k dollars to 40k dollars. We will discuss complete details about the expense of court, surfacing, and building material of the court.

Cost of Pickleball Court Construction

It does not only depend on your budget, but also the quality of products you want to use in building a court. The general estimation given is above 25k dollars.

The area on which you want to build a court also matters to some extent. How often the court will be used to play also matters.

The other factors that affect the rates of manufacturing are:

  • What base you are using?
  • Local Labor Rates or Constructor demand.
  • Size of the court
  • Location and placement, access of drainage and equipment.
  • Lighting, fencing of the court, markers
  • Zoning restrictions and setback requirements
  • Types of material used to build pickleball court, concrete, or asphalt.
  • If there is a need for electricity and water access.

Cost to Build a Pickleball Court

When someone asks about the pickleball court cost, we have to give him a familiar estimate.

So, here is the detail of rough appraisal of costs to build a pickleball court.

It costs about 300 dollars to buy a new net or court tape for a court.

Resurfacing of the court costs you approximately 3500 dollars to 5k dollars.

Pickleball court lights and Fencing cost about 25k dollars to 35k dollars.

Cost for the Building Material Used in a Pickleball Court

The selection of a pickleball court surface material is the most considerable point. Here are some choices for surfacing:

  1. Concrete
  2. Asphalt
  3. Plastic tiles

1. Concrete

The most used material used for the surface of the court. It is an affordable and durable type of material. After laying down the surface of the court, the contractors grade it for convenient drainage.

Pouring Concrete

How much does it cost to pour concrete? Concrete surface costs approximately 5 dollars per square feet.

2. Asphalt

This material has a short life span than concrete, but it’s also affordable material for use.

3. Plastic Tiles

It is expensive, but the best choice for building a court surface. It costs about 6k to 7k dollars.

Cost to Surface a Pickleball Court

The other noticeable point is the surfacing of the court, an appropriate court surface will make it good for playing, as the well-marked lines will not confuse the player. The paints that are used in the surfacing of the court are heavy with grit.

You may also want to know how to clean a pickleball court?

The hiring of a professional will be good for surfacing, as it should be done by squeegee instead of rollers.

The choices for surfacing are paint, tape, or chalk. For permanent use, painting is the best option. It costs about 250 dollars to 600 dollars to surface a full court.

surfacing of a pickleball court

ProCushion standard systems are also available now, it costs you a little bit high but more reliable. It is the liquid applied acrylic coating which is protected by granulated rubber.

When the base layers are applied on the court, color coatings are utilized. It promotes non-slipping playing surfaces with player comfort.

The good quality material used at once will give you long-term facility, otherwise, there will be an investment in short intervals.

If you are going to construct a permanent pickleball court, you should use good manufacturing material and quality surfacing for it.

Expense to Convert the Tennis Court Into a Pickleball Court?

It will cost around 250 dollars to 600 dollars in painting pickleball lines to the tennis court. Other than this the adjuster or equipment used for net size and labor will cost you. It is not expensive to convert a tennis court to a pickleball court.

Permanently Converted One Tennis Court Into 4 Pickleball Courts
Permanently Converted One Tennis Court Into 4 Pickleball Courts

Final Thoughts On Cost of Pickleball Court

When you are going to build courts or any playing area, thinking about the expense is the first thing that comes into mind. The general estimation given for it is above 25k dollars.

The factors affecting the costs matter a lot, but the primitive factor i.e., quality of material used in the court, taking good quality material costs you a little bit more, but you should not compromise for it.

Investing a good amount once will always be better than investing it several times. Moreover, turning a tennis court into a pickleball court will cost you less than building a new court.

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