How to Become a Certified Pickleball Instructor?

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Have you ever thought why you are not a pickleball coach? Not everyone thinks about it, but those who admire other instructors and know the value of coaches in the game will look more obsessed with learning how to become a certified pickleball instructor.

Anyone new to the game needs an instructor to know about it. Pickleball coaches instruct the newbies and the rookies and intermediates learning to improve their play and approach them. We all need an experienced person to polish ourselves.

So, you are the one who is keenly interested in being known as a pickleball coach. Many players want to approach a teaching career after mastering all shots, techniques, tips, and strategies. After being taught, teaching the games to newbies is an excellent opportunity to consider polishing yourself more and making a career in it.

Through this article, we will polish your pickleball skills and guide you thoroughly to being certified as a pickleball instructor/coach.

Pickleball Instructor

Minimum Skillset of Pickleball Instructor

International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) to fulfill the demands and needs of players. The interest in pickleball is incredibly evolving in society, so there is a need for instructors.

The lack of coaches/instructors will lead to obscure the name of pickleball play. It will never approach the international level then. 

In this association, minimum coaching standards are built to provide training to juniors.

The primary objective of this association was to distinguish the ones who know the basic rules of pickleball and have complete knowledge of strategies, strokes, and shot selection.

There is a standard series of testing for every individual for the selection of IPTPA membership.

Series of Testing for Pickleball Instructor

To test pickleball instructors, it’s a three-way procedure.

Firstly, for the coaching test you should at least stand in a 3.5 skill rating. Below 3.5 level, the players just know the basic rules and strategies, they do not comprehend the matter of shot selection and the importance of being quick and observant.

When you consider yourself at a 3.5 level and you are keenly interested, you must appear in the test.

Once the candidates interested in the test, paid the dues the series of testing will be started.

Written Exam

It consists of 50 questions. The applicant must have 80% marks to pass the written exam and be promoted to the next level.

This is the online test, which has a standard time set of 20 minutes. You should prepare yourself for the test before participating because you have to pay an additional fee after the standard fee for the second attempt, and you have to wait for one week to reappear.

To pass the exam, try to read the Rulebook of the International Federation of Pickleball, and you must know about strokes, shot selection, and other tips and strategies.

Skill Exam

In the skill exam, the applicant must score 80% to get permissible for promotion.

The main purpose of skill tests of the applicant is to check the stroke quality, ability to maintain consistency in hitting different shots at the same spot, a good understanding of each stroke’s parts, the proper technique, and proficiency in stroke.

The director of different teaching centers carries out skill testing. To retake a skill test, the same rules and regulations apply as in a written test.

We recommend watching video demos before the exam.

Skill Test Framework

To pass the skill test, the applicant should be able to make forehand and backhand dinks in all ways like as volley, groundstrokes, and in the kitchen.

The test of every forehand and backhand shot in both ways cross-court and down the line is mandatory.

The applicant will pass the exam when he scores 8 out of 10 in each forehand and backhand shot.


In the demo, the writer will be observed for at least one hour.

Prepare yourself for the final step to become or declare a certified pickleball instructor.

For this test, you have to hire a student for you and then contact the director to manage time for you.

The student will pay a standard fee that will be compensated about 60% for you and the association will detect the rest of the payment. 

For this test, the director will focus on your:

  • Organized behavior
  • Warm-up before the play.
  • The environment given to the student is friendly or not.
  • You are asking or not if there are any questions in the student’s mind.
  • Observance and shot selections.
  • Proper mobility and strokes development
  • Summary and final thoughts.

When the applicant passes all the tests, he will be eligible for coaching or training. He will get the membership with IPTPA. For maintaining membership, standard dues should be paid annually.

Advantages of Certification and Membership with IPTP

Greetings to you for passing the test series, now you are a certified pickleball instructor and member of IPTPA.

The membership with IPTPA provides you with a gracious training platform and insurance too.

You will have an approach to training videos on the website to maximize your skills. To maintain membership, standard dues should be paid annually.

Continuation of Training for Maintaining Status

To maintain the status as a certified pickleball coach, you have to pass two continuing education units CEU per year.

It’s not mandatory to pass these units from IPTPA, you can also get them from other professionals working in this field.

The Association will remain to provide you with training workshops, seminars, and access to informative articles and videos to enhance your pickleball skills.

Keep in touch with the association to get all benefits.

Final Thoughts On How To Become a Certified Pickleball Instructor

In every circle of life and profession, we need a coach. From childhood to adulthood, we need a mentor in the form of a mother. Likewise, to play pickleball professionally, we need instruction from some instructs.

For being called pickleball instructors, you have to go through the IPTPA requirements, three steps of testing, and payment of some standard dues. The membership with IPTPA pays off great benefits of insurance and continuing the learning process.

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