Can You Play Pickleball on Grass? – A Beginners Guide

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As we know that pickleball can be played in both courts i.e., indoor and outdoor; therefore, the players, who prefer to play it outside, have questions in their minds about playing the game on grass.

They have many complications whether the grass is suitable for outdoor play; will it be given the same pleasure and can the outdoor court be a good choice for players?

This article will address all the above-mentioned queries and guide you on the best techniques to manage your game on outdoor grass.

Furthermore, the article will depict how you can play it on grass, what factors will make it tough to play on grass, and what should be the court layout and ball used to play pickleball on the grass. We will also briefly guide you on the impact of weather conditions on grassy surfaces.

Can Pickleball be Played on Grass?

Playing Pickleball on grass surface

Pickleball is played on a hard surface, but as we are looking to play it on grass, let’s discuss what will be the change and how we can play it on grass.

For playing it on grass, make it convenient for play by leveling it and making it compact. To play on a grass surface, the ball of pickleball is different and the court layout as well.

What Sort of Pickleball Ball Should be Used to Play it on Grass?

The regular ball made up of plastic having holes in it is not convenient to use on a grassy surface.

To play pickleball on a grassy surface, people move towards a softer rubber ball instead of plastic. It will be quite an improvement for bouncing the ball.

Our top choices for the pickleball rubber balls are Splading High Bounce Ball and Pinky High Bounce Ball.

Grass Pickleball Court Layout

Moving on the grass while playing pickleball is not as easy as it seems to be. For this purpose, you can adjust the court dimensions small to make them acceptable for the play.

You can set up the court by taking dimensions about 13 ft 6 inches for singles and 16 ft 8 inches for doubles.

The baseline is adjusted at 16 ft for singles and 18 ft for doubles, likewise, the net size is also adjusted according to the need.

What Factors Make it Challenging to Play Pickleball on Grass?

There are many challenges that the player has to face while playing on a grass surface. One of the toughest factors from them is the bouncing of the ball. You cannot make your ball bounce on a grass surface.

Other than this, you can face momentum issues too. A grassy surface lowers the momentum.

You may also find uneven surfaces while playing the game on lawns or yards.

Let’s enlist all possible challenges the player has to face while playing the game on a grassy surface.

  • The grass makes the ball less bouncy
  • Unevenness can be found in grassy lawns and yards.
  • Grass can reduce momentum.

1. The grass makes the ball less bouncy

Did you ever try to bounce a tennis ball or pickleball ball on a grass surface? You will find it hard to do so.

Will the ball bounce here

The pickleball balls are made from plastic material containing 26 to 40 holes in them, they are created for asphalt and concrete surfaces, hence not durable for grassy surfaces. To make these balls work, you should cut the grass small.

2. Unevenness Can be Found in Grassy Lawns and Yards

Grassy lawns are sometimes sandy and bumpy. As pickleball is played on asphalt or concrete, a leveled surface, when you are going to play it on grass you may find it challenging to face unevenness of the ground.

3. Grass can reduce momentum

On a grassy surface, the momentum is reduced. The player cannot easily move from one side of the court to the other in seconds.

In this sport, you sometimes need a very quick reaction that cannot be easily possible on this surface.

If there is recent rainfall or sloppiness after morning, then playing on grass will be another level challenge for the player. There you may fall while reacting quickly.

Does the Grass Need to be Improved/Repaired Regularly for Pickleball?

To play on the grass surface, we need to make sure if there are any patches, irregular spikes or holes in the grass.

The uneven grass surface will make the play hard and confused. To make the grass convenient, we must ensure that it is free from debris and there is no loose grass.

Not only the grass surface needs to be repaired but also the other court surfaces too. If we do not look after on regular basis, we have to invest a high amount at once.

You should keep it clean and use a leaf blower if you find dirt. The maintenance required to repair grass surface is inexpensive and reasonable.

Grass Maintenance

Can pickleball be played on wet grass?

Yes, Pickleball can be played on wet grass, but due to slipping issues on the wet surface, we will recommend you to avoid it.

The shots we hit in a pickleball are somewhat unpredictable, and we make a sudden decision upon it, so on a wet grass surface, there are many chances to slip over.

Frequently Asked Questions

What It’s Like To Play Pickleball on Grass?

If you are not playing serious pickleball, then playing it on grass is fun-loving. Otherwise, you must avoid playing pickleball on grass for serious play.

Why Playing Pickleball On Grass Is Challenging?

Although you can play pickleball on grass, it is very challenging because grass does not allow you a good compact surface and hence avoids the good bounce of the ball.

Do you need a hard surface for Pickleball?

Pickleball can be better played on any tennis/badminton, asphalt or concrete surface. You don’t need a hard surface for a pickleball.

Can pickleball be played on dirt?

To your surprise, yes! But the only prerequisite is that the surface should be in a good levelled condition.

Final Thoughts on How to Play Pickleball on Grass

Impractically pickleball can be played on grass, considering it as casual play for spending time with family, friends, or colleagues. For professional and tournament play, playing on the grass surface is not reliable.

The pickleball is played on the hard surface of the court, playing on a smooth surface like grass is not easy. It makes the ball less bouncy and reduces the momentum of the player. To make the grass suitable for play, you have to level it and cut it in short.

Furthermore, for casual or non-serious play grass surface is not a bad option. You should use rubber ball, instead of plastic ball while playing on grass like surface.

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