Are Wooden Pickleball Paddles Good?

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In this era of modern technologies, and if you’re a beginner, choosing the best paddles for your pickleball might take time and effort. Similarly, if you are wondering whether wooden pickleball paddles are good, then you should know that they are a good option for beginners, students, and someone with a low budget.

Additionally, for its details, scroll ahead and know whether these paddles suit you or not.

Are Wooden Pickleball Paddles Good to Play Pickleball?

To be straightforward, the answer to this question depends upon your requirements and choice.

But now here we will discuss it without concern for your choice.

These paddles are considered good because of their attractive shape, affordable cost, and durable manufacturing material.

Similarly, if you look back at pickleball and its family sports, you will know that the wooden paddles were the first to play the game.

Their durability makes them among the favourites of pickleball players. But due to the latest technological advancements, these paddles are not preferred. Specifically, their weighty material makes them less choice of people.

Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Let’s go ahead and find out the pros and cons of the pickleball wooden paddles in detail.

Advantages of wooden pickleball paddles

Irrespective of the quality of things, they have some pros and cons.

In the given section, we have discussed the advantages of wooden pickleball paddles.

How Durable are the Wooden Pickleball Paddles?

You can understand how durable these could be from their construction material. The advanced technical processing makes them further durable.

That is why wooden paddles are the best option if you are looking for long-lasting and quality paddles.

What is the Power of the Wooden Pickleball Paddles?

They have a broad, heavy surface. Due to this design, these paddles can easily make effective shots. That is why you have to put little power into striking the shots.

Since they are made of heavy wood, they can strike the ball with little force. Therefore, you don’t need to use much of your stamina for an effective shot.

Wood Pickleball Paddle

What is the Cost of Wooden Pickleball Paddles?

We would like to include the cost of this paddle in its advantages because they cost significantly less as compared to graphite and composite handles.

You can clearly understand the price difference and affordability when you know the cost. So, the wooden pickleball rackets cost just $10 to $30.

In contrast, the composite, graphite and fiberglass paddles cost somewhat between $40 to $250.

Disadvantages of Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Now, look at the drawbacks of the wooden pickleball rackets, such as the heavyweight, noisy material, etc.

Heavy Weight of the Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Weight is one crucial factor when it comes to the characteristics of pickleball. Usually, in pickleball, a lightweight paddle is preferred because you have to use it continuously in various positions to strike the ball.

But the dominant drawback of these paddles is that they are too heavy.

Their weight ranges from 9 ounces for the lightest paddles to about 12 ounces for the heaviest ones.

Now you can understand better how serious the wooden pickleball will carry for longer times.

Do Wooden Pickleball Paddles Make Noise and Provide Less Grip?

Generally, the wooden paddles make pickleball the noisiest game. Like when the hollow balls strike the solid wooden paddle, the voice is automatically created.

So, noise production can be one of its cons.

Whereas although the broad surface of wooden paddles makes an effective shot, the edged surface also lags in providing enough control or grip to hold the paddle.

Who Buys the Wooden Pickleball Paddles?

They can prove profitable for beginners who must practice more. In the same way, they can be a good option for many students in schools because of their affordable costs.

Moreover, the wooden paddles also suit groups which have multiple members, and they sometimes give it a try to pickleball. Otherwise, who are not passionate about this game.

Final Thoughts on Wood Pickleball Paddles

Now you can answer whether the wooden pickleball paddles are good or not. These paddles are a good choice for beginners and people having limited budgets. However, players with wrist issues should go for something other than them. 

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